Hello! I’m Raleigh Hart, the designer behind Hart Floristry. My passion for floral design started with a unique love for nature. I grew up in a small town in North Alabama, where there is an abundance of beautiful and diverse plant life. I came to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of nature in my own back yard. I dove head first into creating my own style of floral artistry and developed a deeper love for flowers than I ever thought possible.

I enjoy using forged foliage and luscious blooms, and I find inspiration from many different places in nature, architecture, fashion, watercolor and other forms of art. When designing, I love to combine elegant, southern sophistication with a modern and whimsical twist.

In addition to my passion for floral design, I love spending time with my pup, Neo and my husband (visit my Instagram page to see an unhealthy amount of Neo photos…he loves to pose with the flowers!) and you’ll find that I quote Dolly Parton quite often. I love the slow, gentle pace of the South but I am drawn to large cities with thriving entrepreneurs.

I believe floral artistry is just that, artwork. I put my heart and soul into creating uniquely beautiful floral art and I ensure that each design is custom-tailored to each client’s vision. I’d love to brainstorm flowers with you, whether it be for a wedding, intimate gathering or photoshoot. Visit the contact page and say hello!


Floral Design:

I specialize in creating unique + elegant floral art for intimate weddings, small gatherings and parties. I focus on quality over quantity and encourage my clients to incorporate statement pieces into their big day. I specialize in large-scale bridal bouquets, centerpieces and installation pieces. I pull inspiration from nature and use seasonal blooms to curate the perfect aesthetic for your event based on your style.



I curate whimsical + sophisticated tablescapes, perfect for any bridal luncheon, tea, intimate wedding or gathering. Tablescapes create a hands-on experience for your guest and an aesthetically pleasing look for your table, encouraging guests to engage with one another and enjoy the beauty of the party’s design. I can help bring your table to life and create an aesthetic that marries beautiful food, dinnerware and flowers.


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