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Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Somit ist es unbefugten nahezu unmöglich sich Zugang. Hier ist es unmöglich, das Original zu laminieren, denn der Druck Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Unendlich zu besprechen es ist unmöglich. Antworten. Malagul says. Filly Unicorn von Dracco! Use these functions if your input document suffers from poor formatting. To achieve this, the font key should be changed to: New font size key : 7, visit web page, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22 The largest headings will now become 18pt, while the footnotes will become 9pt. Wir ca. You can also add a word to the user dictionary click here clicking the Add to dictionary button. Debug output will be printed to it. This can often result in cleaner and easier to follow differences. Please note that some ornamental characters may not be supported https://hartfloristry.co/serien-stream-to/rick-and-morty-staffel-1-stream.php all reading devices.

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By default, a line height of 0 , no manipulation of line heights is performed. However, this is something of a blunt weapon and should be used sparingly.

Paragraph spacing Normally, paragraphs in XHTML are rendered with a blank line between them and no leading text indent. Remove spacing between paragraphs forcefully ensure that all paragraphs have no inter paragraph spacing.

It also sets the text indent to 1. Insert blank line does the opposite, guaranteeing that there is exactly one blank line between each pair of paragraphs.

This is so that you can just set the option and be sure that it performs as advertised, irrespective of how messy the input file is.

The one exception is when the input file uses hard line breaks to implement inter-paragraph spacing. For example, if you want all paragraphs of class endnote to be right aligned, just add:.

Ebook Conversion 57 calibre User Manual, Release 2. You can use the debug pipeline option described above to see what CSS is present in your input document.

Verschiedenes There are a few more options in this section. No text justification Normally, if the output format supports it, calibre will force the output ebook to have justified text i.

This option will turn off this behavior, in which case whatever justification is specified in the input document will be used instead.

Linearize tables Some badly designed documents use tables to control the layout of text on the page.

When converted these documents often have text that runs off the page and other artifacts. This option will extract the content from the tables and present it in a linear fashion.

Note that this option linearizes all tables, so only use it if you are sure the input document does not use tables for legitimate purposes, like presenting tabular information.

Also, note that in cases where there are multiple representations of a character characters shared by Chinese and Japanese for instance the representation used by the largest number of people will be used Chinese in the previous example.

This option is mainly useful if you are going to view the ebook on a device that does not have support for unicode.

When converted, this can result in non-English characters or special characters like smart quotes being corrupted. You can force it to assume a particular character encoding by using this setting.

Seite 93 for more on encoding issues. There are options to setup page margins, which will be used by the Output Plugin, if the selected Output Format supports page margins.

In addition, you should choose an Input profile and an Output profile. If you know the files you are producing are meant for a particular device type, choose the corresponding Output profile.

However, it has some side effects, like inserting artificial section breaks to keep internal components below the size threshold, needed for SONY devices.

The Output profile also controls the screen size. This will cause, for example, images to be auto-resized to be fit to the screen in some output formats.

So choose a profile of a device that has a screen size similar to your device. Use these functions if your input document suffers from poor formatting.

Because these functions rely on common patterns, be aware that in some cases an option may lead to worse results, so use with care.

As an example, several of these options will remove all non-breaking-space entities, or may include false positive matches relating to the function.

This must be enabled in order for various sub-functions to be applied Unwrap lines Enabling this option will cause calibre to attempt to detect and correct hard line breaks that exist within a document using punctuation clues and line length.

Line-unwrap factor This option controls the algorithm calibre uses to remove hard line breaks. For example, if the value of this option is 0.

If your document only has a few line breaks which need correction, then this value should be reduced to somewhere between 0.

Detect and markup unformatted chapter headings and sub headings If your document does not have chapter headings and titles formatted differently from the rest of the text, calibre can use this option to attempt detection them and surround them with heading tags.

The inserted headings are not formatted, to apply formatting use the Extra CSS option under the Look and Feel conversion settings. This option will re-number the heading tags to prevent splitting.

Delete blank lines between paragraphs This option will cause calibre to analyze blank lines included within the document.

If every paragraph is interleaved with a blank line, then calibre will remove all those blank paragraphs.

Sequences of multiple blank lines will be considered scene breaks and retained as a single paragraph.

Ensure scene breaks are consistently formatted With this option calibre will attempt to detect common scene-break markers and ensure that they are center aligned.

Replace scene breaks If this option is configured then calibre will replace scene break markers it finds with the replacement text specified by the user.

Please note that some ornamental characters may not be supported across all reading devices. In general you should avoid using html tags, calibre will discard any tags and use pre-defined markup.

Ebook Conversion 59 calibre User Manual, Release 2. The document itself is used as a dictionary for analysis.

This allows calibre to accurately remove hyphens for any words in the document in any language, along with made-up and obscure scientific words.

The primary drawback is words appearing only a single time in the document will not be changed.

Analysis happens in two passes, the first pass analyzes line endings. Lines are only unwrapped if the word exists with or without a hyphen in the document.

The second pass analyzes all hyphenated words throughout the document, hyphens are removed if the word exists elsewhere in the document without a match.

Italicize common words and patterns When enabled, calibre will look for common words and patterns that denote italics and italicize them.

Replace entity indents with CSS indents Some documents use a convention of defining text indents using nonbreaking space entities.

As an example, some conversions can leaves behind page headers and footers in the text. These options use regular expressions to try and detect headers, footers, or other arbitrary text and remove or replace them.

There is a wizard to help you customize the regular expressions for your document. Successful matches will be highlighted in Yellow.

The search works by using a python regular expression. All matched text is simply removed from the document or replaced using the replacement pattern.

The replacement pattern is optional, if left blank then text matching the search pattern will be deleted from the document.

You can learn more about regular expressions and their syntax at All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite For example, chapters, page breaks, headers, footers, etc.

As you can imagine, this process varies widely from book to book. Fortunately, calibre has very powerful options to control this.

With power comes complexity, but if once you take the time to learn the complexity, you will find it well worth the effort. This can sometimes be slightly confusing, as by default, calibre will insert page breaks before detected chapters as well as the locations detected by the page breaks option.

The reason for this is that there are often location where page breaks should be inserted that are not chapter boundaries.

Also, detected chapters can be optionally inserted into the auto generated Table of Contents. XPath can seem a little daunting to use at first, fortunately, there is a XPath tutorial Seite in the User Manual.

Use the debug option 60 Kapitel 1. There is also a button for a XPath wizard to help with the generation of simple XPath expressions.

A related option is Chapter mark, which allows you to control what calibre does when it detects a chapter.

By default, it will insert a page break before the chapter. You can have it insert a ruled line instead of, or in addition to the page break.

You can also have it do nothing. Bemerkung: The default expressions may change depending on the input format you are converting. Insert metadata as page at start of book One of the great things about calibre is that it allows you to maintain very complete metadata about all of your books, for example, a rating, tags, comments, etc.

This option will create a single page with all this metadata and insert it into the converted ebook, typically just after the cover.

Think of it as a way to create your own customised book jacket. Erstes Bild entfernen Sometimes, the source document you are converting includes the cover as part of the book, instead of as a separate cover.

If you also specify a cover in calibre, then the converted book will have two covers. This option will simply remove the first image from the source document, thereby ensuring that the converted book has only one cover, the one specified in calibre.

However, a number of older formats either do not support a metadata based Table of Contents, or individual documents do not have one. In these cases, the options in this section can help you automatically generate a Table of Contents in the converted ebook, based on the actual content in the input document.

Bemerkung: Using these options can be a little challenging to get exactly right. This will launch the ToC Editor tool after the conversion.

It allows you to create entries in the Table of Contents by simply clicking the place in the book where you want the entry to point.

You can also use the ToC Editor by itself, without doing a conversion. Then just select the book you want to edit and click the ToC Editor button.

The first option is Force use of auto-generated Table of Contents. By checking this option you can have calibre override any Table of Contents found in the metadata of the input document with the auto generated one.

Ebook Conversion 61 calibre User Manual, Release 2. You can learn how to customize the detection of chapters in the Strukturerkennung Seite 60 section above.

If you do not want to include detected chapters in the generated table of contents, check the Do not add detected chapters option.

If less than the Chapter threshold number of chapters were detected, calibre will then add any hyperlinks it finds in the input document to the Table of Contents.

This often works well many input documents include a hyperlinked Table of Contents right at the start.

The Number of links option can be used to control this behavior. If set to zero, no links are added.

If set to a number greater than zero, at most that number of links is added. However, if there are some additional undesirable entries, you can filter them using the TOC Filter option.

This is a regular expression that will match the title of entries in the generated table of contents.

Whenever a match is found, it will be removed. Next to each option is a button that launches a wizard to help with the creation of basic XPath expressions.

The following simple example illustrates how to use these options. If that works, then try your format of choice. These settings are the defaults for the conversion options.

Whenever you try to convert a new book, the settings set here will be used by default. You can also change settings in the conversion dialog for each book conversion.

When you convert a book, calibre remembers the settings you used for that book, so that if you convert it again, the saved settings for the individual book will take precedence over the defaults set in Preferences.

You can restore the individual settings to defaults by using the Restore to defaults button in the individual book conversion dialog.

You can remove the saved settings for a group of books by selecting all the books and then clicking the edit metadata button to bring up the bulk metadata edit dialog, near the bottom of the dialog is an option to remove stored conversion settings.

This can be turned off by the option in the top left corner of the Bulk Conversion dialog. Ebook Conversion 63 calibre User Manual, Release 2.

Since the highest priority in Bulk Conversion is given to the settings in the Bulk Conversion dialog, these will override any book specific settings.

So you should only bulk convert books together that need similar settings. The exceptions are metadata and input format specific settings.

Since the Bulk Conversion dialog does not have settings for these two categories, they will be taken from book specific settings if any or the defaults.

Bemerkung: You can see the actual settings used during any conversion by clicking the rotating icon in the lower right corner and then double clicking the individual conversion job.

This will bring up a conversion log that will contain the actual settings used, near the top. Microsoft Word-Dokumente konvertieren calibre can automatically convert.

Just add the file to calibre and click convert make sure you are running the latest version of calibre as support for. Bemerkung: There is a demo.

Open the output ebook in the calibre viewer and click the Table of Contents button to view the generated Table of Contents.

If you have a newer version of Word available, you can directly save it as docx as well. Another alternative is to use the free OpenOffice.

Open your. TXT-Dokumente konvertieren TXT documents have no well defined way to specify formatting like bold, italics, etc, or document structure like paragraphs, headings, sections and so on, but there are a variety of conventions commonly used.

By default calibre attempts automatic detection of the correct formatting and markup based on those conventions. TXT input supports a number of options to differentiate how paragraphs are detected.

Paragraph Style: Auto Analyzes the text file and attempts to automatically determine how paragraphs are defined.

This option will generally work fine, if you achieve undesirable results try one of the manual options.

This is the second paragraph. Paragraph Style: Single Assumes that every line is a paragraph: This is the first. This is the second.

This is the third. Paragraphs end when the next line that starts with an indent is reached: This is the first.

Paragraph Style: Unformatted Assumes that the document has no formatting, but does use hard line breaks.

Punctuation and median line length are used to attempt to re-create paragraphs. Formatierungsstil: Automatisch Attemtps to detect the type of formatting markup being used.

If no markup is used then heuristic formatting will be applied. Formatierungsstil: Heuristisch Analyzes the document for common chapter headings, scene breaks, and italicized words and applies the appropriate html markup during conversion.

Formatierungsstil: Markdown calibre also supports running TXT input though a transformation preprocessor known as markdown.

Markdown allows for basic formatting to be added to TXT documents, such as bold, italics, section headings, tables, lists, a Table of Contents, etc.

You can learn more about the markdown syntax at daringfireball Formatierungsstil: Keiner Applies no special formatting to the text, the document is converted to html with no other changes.

They are a fixed page size and text placement format. Meaning, it is very difficult to determine where one paragraph ends and another begins.

This is a scale used to determine the length at which a line should be unwrapped. Valid values are a decimal between 0 and 1.

The default is 0. Lower this value to include more text in the unwrapping. Increase to include less.

You can adjust this value in the conversion settings under PDF Input. Also, they often have headers and footers as part of the document that will become included with the text.

Use the Search and Replace panel to remove headers and footers to mitigate this issue. If the headers and footers are not removed from the text it can throw off the paragraph unwrapping.

To learn how to use the header and footer removal options, read All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite Ebook Conversion 65 calibre User Manual, Release 2.

Conversion of these may or may not work depending on just how they are represented internally in the PDF. If you absolutely must use PDF, then be prepared for an output ranging anywhere from decent to unusable, depending on the input PDF.

Comic Book Collections A comic book collection is a. In addition the. The comics. The source HTML it was created from is available demo.

You should use styles to format your document and minimize the use of direct formatting. When inserting images into your document you need to anchor them to the paragraph, images anchored to a page will all end up in the front of the conversion.

Well-known document properties Title, Keywords, Description, Creator are recognized and calibre will use the first image not to small, and with good aspect-ratio as the cover image.

There is also an advanced property conversion mode, which is activated by setting the custom property opf. If this property is detected by calibre, the following custom properties are recognized opf.

As the cover detection might result in double covers in certain output formats, the process will remove the paragraph only if the only content is the cover!

But this works only with the named picture! To disable cover detection you can set the custom property opf.

By default, calibre uses a page size defined by the current Output profile. So if your output profile is set to Kindle, calibre will create a PDF with page size suitable for viewing on the small kindle screen.

However, if you view this PDF file on a computer screen, then it will appear to have too large fonts.

Templates are just snippets of HTML code that get rendered in the header and footer locations.

For example, to display page numbers centered at the bottom of every page, in green, use the following footer template: 1.

Ebook Conversion 67 calibre User Manual, Release 2. If the document has no table of contents then it will be replaced by empty text.

If a single PDF page has multiple sections, the first section on the page will be used. The default css used is listed below, simply copy it and make whatever changes you like.

Klicken Sie einfach doppelt auf eine Datei, um mit dem Bearbeiten zu beginnen. Der Sicherungspunkt wird den aktuellen Buchstatus sichern.

Sicherungspunkte werden auch automatisch erstellt, wenn Sie ein automatisches Werkzeug wie globales Suchen und Ersetzen nutzen.

Klicken Sie einfach auf eine Datei, um mit dem Bearbeiten zu beginnen. Alle anderen Dateien werden alphabetisch sortiert. Einige Dateien im Buch haben eine spezielle Bedeutung.

Diese haben normalerweise ein Icon neben ihrem Namen, dass auf die spezielle Bedeutung hinweist. Die toc. Dieses Bild wird im Dateibrowser durch ein Icon mit einem braunen Buch neben der Bildbezeichnung angezeigt.

Aber andernorts bleiben die Verweise bestehen. You can add a new image, font, stylesheet, etc. This lets you either import a file by clicking the Import resource file button or create a new blank html file or stylesheet by simply entering the file name into the box for the new file.

Dateien ersetzen You can easily replace existing files in the book, by right clicking on the file and choosing replace. This will automatically update all links and references, in case the replacement file has a different name than the file being replaced.

You can search using a normal search or using regular expressions. To learn how to use regular expressions for advanced searching, see All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite Type the text you want to find into the Find box and its replacement into the Replace box.

You can the click the appropriate buttons to Find the next match, replace the current match and replace all matches. Using the drop downs at the bottom of the box, you can have the search operate over the current file, all text files, all style files or all files.

You can also choose the search mode to be a normal string search or a regular expression search. Bemerkung: Remember, to harness the full power of search and replace, you will need to use regular expressions.

See All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite To save a search simply right click in the Find box and select Save current search.

This will present you with a list of search and replace expressions that you can apply. You can even select multiple entries in the list by holding down the Ctrl Key while clicking so as to run multiple search and replace expressions in a single operation.

These are accessed via the Tools menu. Das Inhaltsverzeichnis bearbeiten There is a dedicated tool to ease editing of the Table of Contents.

Simply double click on any entry to change its text. You can also re-arrange entries by drag and drop or by using the buttons to the right.

For books that do not have a pre-existing Table of Contents, the tool gives you various options to auto-generate a Table of Contents from the text.

You can generate from the headings in the document, from links, from individual files and so on. You can edit individual entries by clicking on them and then clicking the Change the location this entry points to button.

This will open up a mini-preview of the book, simply move the mouse cursor over the book view panel, and click where you want the entry to point to.

A thick green line will show you the location. Click OK once you are happy with the location. Any problems found are reported in a nice, easy to use list.

Clicking any entry in the list shows you some help about that error as well as giving you the option to auto-fix that error, if the error can be fixed automatically.

You can also double click the error to open the location of the error in an editor, so you can fix it yourself.

Correcting it will ensure that your markup works as intended in all contexts. As always, a checkpoint is created before auto-fixing so you can easily revert all changes.

Auto-fixing works by parsing the markup using the HTML 5 algorithm, which is highly fault tolerant and then converting to well formed XML.

Links that point to files inside the book that are missing are reported. Files in the book that are not referenced by any other file or are not in the spine are reported.

This allows you to either choose an existing image in the book as the cover or import a new image into the book and make it the cover.

If an existing cover in the book is found, it is replaced. The tool also automatically takes care of correctly marking the cover files as covers in the OPF.

Please make sure that you have the necessary copyrights for embedding commercially licensed fonts, before doing this.

However, be aware that once the fonts are subset, if you add new text whose characters are not previously present in the subset font, the font will not work for the new text.

So do this only as the last step in your workflow. Intelligente Satzzeichen Convert plain text dashes, ellipsis, quotes, multiple hyphens, etc.

Note that the algorithm can sometimes generate incorrect results, especially when single quotes at the start of contractions are involved.

Some books created from production templates can have a large number of extra CSS rules that dont match any actual content. These extra rules can slow down readers that need to process them all.

Be aware that auto-fixing can sometimes have counter-intuitive results. If you prefer, you can use 1.

The code is auto-indented so that it lines up nicely, blank lines are inserted where appropriate and so on.

Therefore, if you dont want any auto-fixing to be performed, first use the Check Book tool to correct all problems and only then run beautify.

Therefore, beautification could potentially change the rendering of the HTML. To avoid this as far as possible, the beautify algorithm only beautifies block level tags that contain other block level tags.

This can sometimes mean that a particular file will not be affected by beautify as it has no suitable block level tags.

In such cases you can try different beautification tools, that are less careful, for example: HTML Tidy You can also have calibre automatically generate an inline Table of Contents that becomes part of the text of the book.

It is generated based on the currently defined Table of Contents. If you use this tool multiple times, each invocation will cause the previously created inline Table of Contents to be replaced.

Semantics are simply, links in the OPF file that identify certain locations in the book as having special meaning.

You can use them to identify the foreword, dedication, cover, table of contents, etc. Simply choose the type of semantic information you want to specify and then select the location in the book the link should point to.

After removing the style information, a summary of all the changes made is displayed so you can see exactly what was changed.

You can then go on to do whatever changes you want to the book and if you dont like the results, return to the checkpointed state.

Checkpoints are automatically created every time you run any of the automated tools described in the previous section.

Checkpoints are particularly useful for when changes are spread over multiple files in the book or when you wish to be able to revert a large group of related changes as a whole.

The Revert to button restores the book to the selected checkpoint, undoing all changes since that checkpoint was created.

As you move the cursor around in the editor, the preview panel will track its location, showing you the corresponding location in the book.

Clicking in the preview panel, will cause the cursor in the editor to be positioned over the element you clicked. If you click a link pointing to another file in the book, that 82 Kapitel 1.

The live update of the preview panel only happens when you are not actively typing in the editor, so as not to be distracting or slow you down, waiting for the preview to render.

The preview panel shows you how the text will look when viewed. However, the preview panel is not a substitute for actually testing your book an actual reader device.

It is both more, and less capable than an actual reader. It will tolerate errors and sloppy markup much better than most reader devices. It will also not show you page margins, page breaks and embedded fonts that use font name aliasing.

Use the preview panel while you are working on the book, but once you are done, review it in an actual reader device or software emulator.

Bemerkung: The preview panel does not support embedded fonts if the name of the font inside the font file does not match the name in the CSS font-face rule.

You can use the Check Book tool to quickly find and fix any such problem fonts. While viewing the file you want to split, click the split mode button under the preview panel.

Then simply move your mouse to the place where you want to split the file and click. A thick green line will show you exactly where the split will happen as you move your mouse.

Once you have found the location you want, simply click and the split will be performed. Splitting the file will automatically update all links and references that pointed into the bottom half of the file and will open the newly split file in an editor.

You can also split a single HTML file at multiple locations automatically, by right clicking inside the file in the editor and choosing Split at multiple locations.

This will allow you to easily split a large file at all heading tags or all tags having a certain class and so on.

The name of tag, along with its line number in the editor are displayed, followed by a list of matching style rules. It is a great way to quickly see which style rules apply to any tag.

The view also has clickable links in blue , which take you directly to the location where the style was defined, in case you wish to make any changes to the style rules.

Style rules that apply directly to the tag, as well as rules that are inherited from parent tags are shown.

The panel also shows you what the finally calculated styles for the tag are. Properties in the list that are superseded by higher priority rules are shown with a line through them.

Double clicking on any entry opens the place that entry points to in an editor. You can right click to edit the Table of Contents, refresh the view or 84 Kapitel 1.

Words are shown with the number of times they occur in the book and the language the word belongs to. Language information is taken from the books metadata and from lang attributes in the HTML files.

This allows the spell checker to work well even with books that contain text in multiple languages.

This is useful if 1. To change a word, simply double click one of the suggested alternative spellings on the right, or type in your own corrected spelling and click the Change selected word to button.

This will replace all occurrences of the word in the book. You can also right click on a word in the main word list to change the word conveniently from the right click menu.

You can have the spelling checker ignore a word for the current session by clicking the Ignore button.

You can also add a word to the user dictionary by clicking the Add to dictionary button. The spelling checker supports multiple user dictionaries, so you can select the dictionary you want the word added to.

You can also have the spelling checker display all the words in your book, not just the incorrectly spelled ones. This is useful to see what words are most common in your book and to run a simple search and replace on individual words.

Bemerkung: If you make any changes to the book by editing files while the spell check tool is open, you should click the Refresh button in the spell check tool.

If you do not do this and continue to use the spell check tool, you could lose the changes you have made in the editor. Adding new dictionaries The spelling checker comes with builtin dictionaries for the English and Spanish languages.

The spell checker can use dictionaries from the OpenOffice program in the. You can download these dictionaries from The OpenOffice Extensions repository This shows you all unicode characters, simply click on the character you want to type.

If you hold Ctrl while clicking, the window will close itself after inserting the selected character. This tool can be used to insert special characters into the main text or into any other area of the user interface, such as the Search and replace tool.

Because there are a lot of characters, you can define your own Favorite characters, that will be shown first.

Simply right click on a character to mark it as favorite. You can also right click on a character in favorites to remove it from favorites.

Finally, you can re-arrange the order of characters in favorites by clicking the Re-arrange favorties button and then drag and dropping the characters in favorites around.

You can also directly type in special characters using the keyboard. Finally, you can type in special characters by using HTML named entities.

The replacement happens only when typing the semi-colon. You open it by right clicking a location in the preview panel and choosing Inspect.

You can even dynamically edit the styles and see what effect your changes have instantly. Note that editing the styles does not actually make changes to the book contents, it only allows for quick experimentation.

The ability to live edit inside the Inspector is under development. This tool allows you to automatically move all files into sub-folders based on their types.

Note that this tool only changes how the files are arranged inside the EPUB, it does not change how they are displayed in the Files Browser.

The comparison tool that opens will look like the screenshot below. It shows you the differences in text, styles and images in the chosen books.

Only the differences, with a few lines of context around them are shown. This makes it easy to see at a glance only what was changed inside a large document like a book.

Added text is shown with a green background, removed text with a red background and changed text with a blue background.

The line numbers of all changed text are show at the sides, making it easy to go to a particular change in the editor.

When you open the comparison tool from within the editor, you can also double click on a line in the right panel to go to that line in the editor automatically.

One useful technique when comparing books is to tell the comparison tool to beautify the text and style files before calculating differences.

This can often result in cleaner and easier to follow differences. To do this, click the Options button in the bottom right and choose Beautify files before comparing.

Note that beautifying can sometimes have 88 Kapitel 1. You can also change the number of lines of context shown around differences via the Options button.

You can search for any text in the differences via the search bar at the bottom. You will need to specify which panel to search, the Left or the Right.

To that end, there are several ways to launch the tool. The comparison view will open with the file being edited on the right and the second file on the left.

Comparing a checkpoint to the current state of the book while editing The Der eBook Editor Seite 69 tool has a very useful feature, called Sicherungspunkte Seite This allows you to save the current state of the book as a named checkpoint, to which you can revert if you do not like the changes you have made since creating the checkpoint.

Checkpoints are also created automatically when you perform various automated actions in the editor. The comparison tool will show the checkpoint on the left and the current state on the right.

The simplest way to change metadata in calibre is to simply double click on an entry and type in the correct replacement.

A dialog opens that allows you to edit all aspects of the metadata. It has various features to make editing faster and more efficient.

This dialog can be opened by clicking and holding the button next to author sort. Downloading metadata The nicest feature of the edit metadata dialog is its ability to automatically fill in many metadata fields by getting metadata from various websites.

Currently, calibre uses isbndb. To use the download, fill in the title and author fields and click the Fetch metadata button.

If you fill in the ISBN field first, it will be used in preference to the title and author. If no matches are found, try making your search a little less specific by including only some key words in the title and only the author last name.

Buchformate verwalten In calibre, a single book entry can have many different formats associated with it. In the Available formats section of the Edit metadata dialog, you can manage these formats.

You can add a new format, delete an existing format and also ask calibre to set the metadata and cover for the book entry from the metadata in one of the formats.

All about covers You can ask calibre to download book covers for you, provided the book has a known ISBN. Alternatively you can specify a file on your computer to use as the cover.

In addition, there is a button to automatically trim borders from the cover, in case your cover image has an ugly border.

If you select more than one book, clicking the Edit metadata button will cause a new Bulk metadata edit dialog to open.

This is particularly useful if you have just imported a number of books that have some metadata in common.

This dialog is very powerful, 90 Kapitel 1. Suchen und Ersetzen The Bulk metadata edit dialog allows you to perform arbitrarily powerful search and replace operations on the selected books.

By default it uses a simple text search and replace, but it also support regular expressions. For more on regular expressions, see All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite As noted above, there are two search and replace modes: character match and regular expression.

Character match will look in the Search field you choose for the characters you type in the search for box and replace those characters with what you type in the replace with box.

Each occurance of the search characters in the field will be replaced. For example, assume the field being searched contains a bad cat.

If the field you are searching on is a multiple field like tags, then each tag is treated separately. For example, if your tags contain Horror, Scary, the search expression r, will not match anything because the expression will first be applied to Horror and then to Scary.

You can have calibre change the case of the result information after the replace has happened by choosing one of the functions from the Apply function after replace box.

Enter that case into Your test. Regular expression mode has some differences from character mode, beyond of course using regular expressions.

The first is that functions are applied to the parts of the string matched by the search string, not the entire field.

The second is that functions apply to the replacement string, not to the entire field. The third and most important is that the replace string can make reference to parts of the search string by using backreferences.

For example, given the same example as above, a bad cat, a search expression a Please see the All about using regular expressions in calibre Seite for more information on backreferences.

One useful pattern: assume you want to change the case of an entire field. The easiest way to do this is to use character mode, but lets further assume you want to use regular expression mode.

The search expression should be. Finally, in regular expression mode you can copy values from one field to another.

Simply make the source and destination field different. The copy can replace the destination field, prepend to the field add to the front , or append to the field add at the end.

If the destination is multiple e. Search and replace is done after all the other metadata changes in the other tabs are applied.

This can lead to some confusion, because the test boxes will show the information before the other changes, but the operation will be applied 1.

Bulk downloading of metadata If you want to download the metadata for multiple books at once, right-click the Edit metadata button and select Download metadata.

You can choose to download only metadata, only covers, or both. Seite 92 Was ist das beste Quellformat zum Konvertieren?

Es kann jedes Eingabeformat der folgenden Liste in die genannten Ausgabeformate konvertieren. Was ist das beste Quellformat zum Konvertieren?

Dieses Problem hat zwei Aspekte: 1. Knowing the encoding of the source file: calibre tries to guess what character encoding your source files use, but often, this is impossible, so you need to tell it what encoding to use.

The command-line tools all have an --input-encoding option. When adding HTML files to calibre, you may need to tell calibre what encoding the files are in.

Now when you add HTML files to calibre they will be correctly processed. HTML files from different sources often have different encodings, so you may have to change this setting repeatedly.

A common encoding for many files from the web is cp and I would suggest you try that first. Note that when converting HTML files, leave the input encoding setting mentioned above blank.

The first thing to realize is that most ebooks have two tables of contents. One is the traditional Table of Contents, like the ToC you find in paper books.

This Table of Contents is part of the main document flow and can be styled however you like. This ToC is called the content ToC. Then there is the metadata ToC.

A metadata ToC is a ToC that is not part of the book text and is typically accessed by some special button on a reader. This ToC cannot be styled by the book creator.

How it is represented is up to the viewer program. In the MOBI format, the situation is a little confused. This is because the MOBI format, alone amongst mainstream ebook formats, does not have decent support for a metadata ToC.

Remember that one is semantically a content ToC and the other is a metadata ToC, even though both might have exactly the same entries and look the same.

You can also tell calibre whether to put it and the start or the end of the book via an option in the MOBI Output settings.

Remember this ToC is 1. If you want a ToC at a particular location in your document text, create one by hand.

So we strongly recommend that you leave the default as it is, i. If you have a hand edited ToC in the input document, you can use the ToC detection options in calibre to automatically generate the metadata ToC from it.

See the conversion section of the User Manual for more details on how to use these options. Metadata ToCs will give the people reading your ebooks a much superior navigation experience except on the Kindle, where they are essentially the same as a content ToC.

However, the Kindle firmware tends to malfunction if you disable the generation of the end-of-file inline ToC. So it is recommended that you leave the generated ToC alone.

If you are reconverting a previously converted book, you will also have to enable the option in the conversion dialog for that individual book as per book conversion settings are saved and take precedence.

Note that doing this will mean that the generated MOBI will show up under personal documents instead of Books on the Kindle Fire and Amazon whispersync will not work, but the covers will.

I encourage you to contact Amazon and ask them to fix this bug. In order to convert a collection of HTML files in a specific order, you have to create a table of contents file.

That is, another HTML file that contains links to all the other files in the desired order. You can use the option in the Table of Contents section in the conversion dialog to control how the Table of Contents is generated.

Bemerkung: By default, when adding HTML files, calibre follows links in the files in depth first order. This means that if file A. If instead you want the order to be A.

If you need a tool that always produces valid EPUBs, calibre is not for you. Wie benutze ich die fortgeschrittenen Funktionen des Konvertierungs-Werkzeuges?

You can get help on any individual feature of the converters by mousing over it in the GUI or running ebook-convert dummy. A good place to start is to look at the following demo file that demonstrates some of the advanced features html-demo.

Was kann ich machen, um es zu verbinden? Seite 99 Can I access my calibre books using the web browser in my Kindle or other reading device?

Seite My device is getting mounted read-only in linux, so calibre cannot connect to it? Seite Why does calibre not support collections on the Kindle or shelves on the Nook?

In addition, using the Connect to folder function you can use it with any ebook reader that exports itself as a USB disk.

You can even connect to Apple devices via iTunes , using the Connect to iTunes function. Es wird ein Fehlerbericht generiert. Once you send us the output for a particular operating system, support for the device in that operating system will appear in the next release of calibre.

To send us the output, open a bug report and attach the output to it. See calibre bugs Note: on windows, the device must have a drive letter for calibre to use it.

Note that if you are using the user defined plugin for a device normally detected by a builtin calibre plugin, you must disable the builtin plugin first, so that your user defined plugin is used instead.

When you send a book to the reader, calibre will add the book to collections based on the metadata for that book. By default, collections are created from tags and series.

If you remove all values, calibre will not add the book to any collection. To ensure that the collections for a book are based only on current calibre metadata, first delete the books from the reader, then resend the books.

You can edit collections directly on the device view by double-clicking or right-clicking in the collections column. Collections will be built using calibre metadata exclusively.

Editing collections on the device view is not permitted, because collections not in the metadata will be removed automatically. When calibre detects the reader and generates the list of books on the reader, it will send metadata from the library to the reader for all books on the reader that are in the library On device is True , adding and removing books from collections as indicated by the metadata and device customization.

When a book is sent, calibre corrects the metadata for that book, adding and deleting collections. Manual editing of metadata on the device view is not allowed.

Note that this option specifies sending metadata, not books. The book files on the reader are not changed. Collections for a book will never be removed by calibre, but can be removed by you by editing on the device view.

Connecting the reader to one library will reset the metadata to what is in that library. Connecting to the other library will reset the metadata to what is in that other library.

Metadata in books found in both libraries will be flopped back and forth. Yes, you can use both, provided you do not run them at the same time.

With recent reader iterations, SONY, in all its wisdom has decided to try to force you to use their software. If you install it, it auto-launches whenever you connect the reader.

The simplest is to simply re-name the executable file that launches the library program. More detail in the forums Hier werden wir zwei davon vorstellen, iBook und Stanza.

Stanza verwenden You should be able to access your books on your iPhone by opening Stanza. If the calibre catalog is still not detected in Stanza, you can add it manually in Stanza.

If you have changed the port the calibre content server is running on, you will have to change as well to the new port. The local IP address is the IP address you computer is assigned on your home network.

A quick Google search will tell you how to find out your local IP address. If you get timeout errors while browsing the calibre catalog in Stanza, try increasing the connection timeout value in the stanza settings.

You will see a list of books in Safari, just click on the epub link for whichever book you want to read, Safari will then prompt you to open it with iBooks.

Linux is not supported iTunes is not available in linux and OS X newer than There are two ways that you can connect your Android device to calibre.

The first step to using an Android device is installing an ebook reading application on it. Seite 96 to get your device supported in calibre.

If you are on Windows XP, you should use one of the wireless connection methods. Kabellos verbinden The easiest way to transfer books wirelessly to your Android device is to use the Calibre Companion46 Android app.

This app is maintained by a core calibre developer and allows calibre to connect to your Android device wirelessly, just as though you plugged in the device with a USB cable.

You can browse files on the device in calibre and use the Send to device button to transfer files to your device wirelessly.

You can browse your calibre collection on your Android device is by using the calibre content server, which makes your collection available over the net.

Some reading programs support browsing the Calibre library directly. You can now browse the Calibre library and download directly into the reading software.

Can I access my calibre books using the web browser in my Kindle or other reading device? Then just point the web browser on your device to the computer running the Content Server and you will be able to browse your book collection.

For example, if the computer running the server has IP address In that case, change the port in the calibre Preferences to On some operating systems, you may not be able to run the server on a port number less than because of security settings.

In this case the simplest solution is to adjust your router to forward requests on port 80 to port The most likely cause of this is your antivirus program.

Try temporarily disabling it and see if it does the trick. Because of the large amount of spam in email, sending email can be tricky, as different mail servers use different strategies to block email.

The most common problem is if you are sending email directly without a mail relay in calibre. Many servers for example, Amazon block email that does not come from a well known relay.

One common source of problems is that some poorly designed antivirus programs block calibre from opening a connection to send email. Try adding an exclusion for calibre in your antivirus program.

Bemerkung: Google recently deliberately broke their email sending protocol SMTP support in an attempt to force everyone to use their web interface so they can show you more ads.

They are trying to claim that SMTP is insecure, that is incorrect and simply an excuse. If you have trouble with gmail you will need to allow less secure apps as descibed here Bemerkung: If you are concerned about giving calibre access to your email account, simply create a new free email account with GMX or Hotmail and use it only for calibre.

My device is getting mounted read-only in linux, so calibre cannot connect to it? Linux kernels mount devices read-only when their filesystems have errors.

You can repair the filesystem with: sudo fsck. Only Kobo seems to understand that life is too short to be entering collections one by one on an e-ink screen : Note that in the case of the Kindle, there is a way to manipulate collections via USB, but it requires that the Kindle be rebooted every time it is disconnected from the computer, for the changes to the collections to be recognized.

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Darum sollten immer Geburtstagskarten im Haus sein. Diese Geburtstagskarten kommen immer gut an. Sie sind von mir in reiner Handarbeit gefertigt.

Ab 70 qm in jedem Zustand nach freier Grundrissplanung. Angebot ist nur 10 Tage aktuell. Franz Bartenbach Frankfurt am Main tel.

Wohnhaus in echter Blockbauweise. Fortsetzung im Web Montage. Wir planen und bauen mit Fortsetzung im Anforderungen Web Kategorie A.

Allgemeine Informationen: Die Fabrik wurde A nice and bright room in the middle of the town and although in a green area. The room is 18 square meters with Gr.

The bathroom is stilvollem refurbished and the kitchen is only a half year old. Zentral gelegen, nur 5 Gehminuten zum Hauptbahnhof.

Mann bevorzugt. Bedingung ist Muttersprache Englisch. Bauunternehmen Dipl. Berlin - Lankwitz -. Fortsetzung im Web von Vorteil.

Bitte alles anbieten. Zu Euro. Extra lang! Inklusive Lack-String. Biete meine ungetragene Polyurethan. Beschichtung Coating Rosenquarzkette in ca.

Sehr schwer. Fortsetzung im Web du gar nicht lange nachdenken. Das edle Strapskleid hat einen Ohrstecker , Blautopas , Gelbgold und anderen herrlichen Ausschnitt und Fortsetzung im Web Schmuck.

Leider ist das Bild sehr hell. Echtes er Gelbgold Latex-Body rot und echte Blautopase. Ohrstecker von QVC. Der leicht Polyurethan.

Diese Softshelljacke ist neuwertig in der Farbe grau anderen die Show stiehlst, dann zeig auch, was du schwarz. Bei weiteren nur deinen knackigen Po, sondern bietet auch Fragen einfach melden.

Zwei Schlitze. Bei weiteren Fragen einfach melden. Leider ist www. M Neu mit Etikett. Satinstoff hergestellt. Die Namen maximal 9 Esprit Shirt in blau Gr.

Habe das Shirt Geschenk bekommen ,doch leider passt es nicht. Das Orginalschild ist dran ,ist aber abgemacht Baitz worden wo der Preis stand.

Fortsetzung im Web lila Schleife die man abmachen kann. Oliver Top Gr. Sollte ich Altersbedingte Gebrauchtspuren. Trau Dich und meld Dich einfach einiges mehr, Fortsetzung im Web ; PS.

Vorab, und auch auf die Gefahrhin eingebildet zu Gleichgesinnten, der wie ich, auf Rollenspiele steht. Ich selbst bin Lasse uns gemeinsam das Leben Hey, hier ist Sonja, bin offen und spontan.

Dann Nimmersatte Frau melde dich doch einfach mal bei mir. Fortsetzung im Web Beziehung. Fortsetzung im Web erreichen Wie das Funktioniert?.

Geld verdienen einfach Lebenslagen. Lerne wie wenn du gefallen bist! Fortsetzung im Web feiern mit dir, wenn du dein Ziel Bei uns finden Sie das was Sie suchen.

Wir Liebesmagie. Wir haben bereits 30 Jahre -Erfahrungen herausgesucht. Wir sind sehr erfolgreich in www. Ich bin ein hellsichtiges Engel- und warten kann.

Fortsetzung im Web Sklavin. Wenn Sie das Prepaidverfahren Dein Alter ist unwichtig! Nur die Symphatie nutzen, schenken wir Ihnen 10 Gratisminuten.

Diese genauen Fortsetzung im Web junge Frau, ja Du!! Der 1. Der 2. Zu Deinen Abenteuer! Der 3. Wenn Du also Fortsetzung im Web mit Bild in der 2.

Dann melde Berlin oder Umgebung. Hallo ich bin Single und aus Berlin, Dich bitte bei mir!. Besuche rechts die Dann schreib mir Suche eine dauerhafte Beziehung.

Ich habe keine Kinder. Fortsetzung einen netten Mann aus Berlin oder Umgebung. Wenn du mich kennen lernen Anzeigen-Code: SB willst dann besuche mal die Webseite und lass uns sprechen.

Tennis, Badminton oder einfach zum joggen. Zur semiproffessionellen Erstellung einer auch was dahinter? Charmanter Mann 52 Jahre, Single, 1,75 m, 90 Hallo zusammen.

Wenn du Interesse!!! Du bist: ehrlich und nicht weiter? Fragst du dich wo die Liebe hin ist? Wo ist die Leidenschaft hin?

Gibt es Probleme in deiner Fortsetzung im Web Leicht mollige Frau bis 39 J. Auch Dauerbeziehung. Suche 1 junges Girl ab 18 j. Dein Reisen Aussehen und Deine Figur ist egal.

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Da ich keinen niemanden gefunden, der diesen Traum mit Euch sogenannten ''Rundumblick'' mache, sondern nur danach auslebt, weil Ihr immer Angst davor hattet, Euch schaue, wonach du mich Fortsetzung im Web dazu zu bekennen?

Er wirkt Anzeigen-Code: SB Auch wenn ich manchmal etwas spirituell erscheine, bin ich Mit blutstillend und Fortsetzung im Web Morgen schauen!

Du der Liebe bald klappen wird. Jetzt bist du am mit mir. Echte Liebe oder Abzocke und Betrug? Investigator Philippines Dich einfach. Meld Dich einfach.

Meld Dich bitte mit Foto und Lebensbereich. Fortsetzung im Web Alter per e- mail. Das bist Du?

Dann meistens in Beziehungen sind u. Deshalb sucht sie auf diesem Wege einen netten Mann. Nur 10 Euro, war Aufgaben. Fortsetzung im Web wesentlich teurer.

Wer beide nimmt, nur je 5 Euro. Die eleganten Speisesaal. Fortsetzung im beiden Kleinen scheinen aus feinem Porzellan zu Web sein, diese beiden Auf von Hessen.

Gern jede Kiste einzeln, allerdings an Versandporto denken. Der eigentliche Wert laut aktuellen Listen liegt bei ca. Anzeigen-Code: SB cm.

Feinste Pastellfarben. Schaltbar: 4 x 4 oder 8, Dimmbar. War leider gefaltet Spuren. Gegen Gebot. Das Plakat war leider gefaltet Spuren.

Fortsetzung im Web ich nach bestem Wissen beschrieben habe. Sie Auch? Neue graublaue beschrieben Ebenso noch weitere Plastikfolie Zigarettenwerbeartikel siehe meine Fortsetzung im Web versiegelt.

Blaues Kordelband am Deckel oben drauf Fortsetzung im Web mit Werbeartikel. Fortsetzung ist im Web bzw. Anzeigen-Code: SB einer Kreditkarte 84 x 53 x 5mm mit Etwas verdreckt weil Ersatzteile darin gelagert wurden.

Die Natur, die Umgebung, die Umwelt, die von Euro! Infos auf Sehenswertes, Jetzt kostenlos teilnehmen!.

Gewinnen Sie ein Apple iPhone 4S! Jetzt auf Kostenlose Gewinnspiele!!! Alle Infos Dr. Frank Schreiber Landgericht Hagen , unter: www.

Ab sofort: www. Frank Schreiber - stehen dessen Gutes Essen und Daziwshcen Tragegriff.

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Dieses Quiz Ist Unmöglich Video

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