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ZEUS, HADES, POSEIDON Y DEMÉTER. kuss des poseidons. Postings müssen auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch sein. Aber zusammen haben sie eine besondere. Besten Bilder, Videos und Sprüche und es kommen täglich neue lustige facebook Bilderwitze auf hartfloristry.co Der Kuss des Poseidon: Wenn dir beim scheißen das Wasser bis zum Arsch hochspritzt. · 9 Comments. Share. English (US); Español · Français (France​). But that's not all. This was my first mermaid book and I thought the author did a great job of making that world believable. I haven't had the best of luck with mermaid books in the past, though I haven't read very many of Kuss Des Poseidon. Harlequin or rather the Australian version: Mills and Boons. I stole a car when Https://hartfloristry.co/filme-stream-seiten/nitro-live-stream-kostenlos.php was click the following article years old and drove across three state lines with it. When you do a shit and the plop sends a small dollop of cold water up that kisses your anus. Article source Of Poseidonthis question is answered, but I'm not sure if I particularly like the answer. Emma's mother was also a strange one. She was awesome and I have such a big girl crush on. This book was a bit ridiculous, unrealistic, and a bit too convenient at times, check this out I loved every second of it.

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Der KUSS der Meerjungfrau ... 🧜‍♀️💕 - Let's Play Die Sims 4 Disney Princess Legacy Challenge #43 Poseidon hat mitgemacht obwohl er ein benutzt hat. Traumbuchfänger: Rezension Blue Secrets 01 Allerdings kann man sicher noch viel herausholen, denn Potenzial hat sie viel. Er nickt an ihrer Wange, fühlt ihre seidige, im Sturm beinahe schillernde Haut wie eine Kostbarkeit. Und dann nahm sie den Herren das Paket weg und ging. Emmas Fähigkeit mit den Please click for source zu 1926 und sie Dinge tun zu lassen hat mich sehr fasziniert und learn more here ist mir positiv in Erinnerung geblieben. Es gibt Poseidon wirklich! Tash Lola müssen auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch sein.

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Friend: You ok in there? I heard a little yelp. Me: Yeah, just a little Poseidons Kiss. Poseidon's kiss.

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To ask other readers questions about Of Poseidon , please sign up. Isn't this book a bit weird being the male character a I'm not sure if its worth the read :S Can someone help me?

Belle I don't know if you've read this but this one's worth the shot. In fact the whole series is worth the shot.

The characters were great and the plot's a …more I don't know if you've read this but this one's worth the shot.

The characters were great and the plot's amazing : less. Deedra Shackford I love this book! It is actually my favorite book.

See all 11 questions about Of Poseidon…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4.

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 21, Steph Sinclair rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I wouldn't.

Shelves: netgalley , le-sigh , fell-for-the-hype , forbidden-love , original-and-creative , dat-cover-yo , e-arc , ebook , serve-me-up-insta-love , i-totally-saw-that-coming.

It's official. Mermaids are the new "angels" of the Paranormal Romance genre. The is the second mermaid book I've read and I'm less than impressed with these sea creatures.

Incidentally, Of Poseidon happens to be worse for me than Lies Beneath. Of Poseidon tells the story of Emma, a girl who possesses a few Syrena mermaid traits, and Galen, a Syrena prince, who attempts to unravel the secrets of Emma.

It's discovered that she has the Gift of Poseidon think Dr. Dolittle at the aquarium and It's official. Dolittle at the aquarium and that she may be the key to pass on the Gift to future generations.

The problem arises that Emma can't change into her Syrena form causing Galen to spend more time with her training her. You know what happens next: they fall deeply in love.

I was really looking forward to starting this book for two reasons: 1 The cover is stunning and 2 The blurb mentioned it was a mermaid tale told by both Emma and Galen's PoV.

I usually like books that feature duel point of views, but in this case I didn't because it switched back and forth from 1st person Emma to 3rd person Galen.

That stylistic choice felt choppy to me. But despite that, I did find the dialogue humorous at times. Milligan smiles.

Emma nods. Sometimes Galen can be a jackass. See, I'm not that heartless! Now the beginning of the novel opens up with Emma and Chloe in Florida on vacation before school starts and I was surprised to see that Chloe was black.

I had a huge smile on my face and I thought, "Wow! D: The smile slid of my face and my happy cat died. This is the same issue I had with The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer , where they minority character was so heavily stereotyped I wanted him to die a slow painful death.

Same with Chloe, whose only purpose was to create a sad and lonely heroine. Are there black girls who have weaves and wear fake nails?

But that is the easiest cop out when it comes to creating a black female character. I half expected her to bust out and start "doin' the Dougie" on the beach.

I still have no idea how to do that dance. Chloe wasn't the only character I had issue with. I also really disliked Galen. He's your typical YA male love interest.

He's so good looking it hurts to glance at him, females tripping over their panties to give him their numbers, and if he smiles at you: instant orgasm.

He was also a controlling douche bag slinging Emma around like she was a Raggedy Anne doll. He always tries to tell Emma what to do and where to go, giving her no choice.

There is even a point where he tells her she is going with him to Florida and he already arranged everything including getting permission from her mother.

He stalks her and threatens another guy she dates. And I was okay with giving this book 2 stars until he started thinking thoughts like these: "He scours his memory for a sweet-natured Syrena who would take care of him, who would do whatever he asked, who would never argue with him.

I'm not sure what the obsession is with women's uteruses these days. Please don't get me started on the US, but this is YA fiction.

Can't I escape the madness in my fiction? No, apparently not. The female mermaids have almost no choice who they want to marry.

When a male Syrena turns 18 he searches for a female "whose company he will enjoy and who will be suitable for producing offspring.

Just great. So, female Syrena are only worthy if they can produce offspring. Here that girls? Your worth is dependent on a working uterus!

Otherwise you are unsuitable! Galen's own sister, Rayna, spends half of the book angy because she was married off to a Syrena without her knowledge.

Yes, that's right. She wasn't even present at the ceremony! Oh, but don't worry she had the option to break off the marriage.

Unfortunately for her, the King would probably deny her, so no real rights at all! But what really irked me was when she saw him kiss another girl, she instantly decides she does love him and they go off to an island to mate.

Galen conveniently keeps this from her the entire book because she really has no say in the matter.

Women's rights over their marital status? Their bodies? Their children? Their futures? What's that? Along with the issue of women, the book has a ton of other problems.

For example, somehow Emma can talk underwater while she is holding her breath. That makes no sense.

She has to hold her breath. How is it possible that she is talking? Emma's mother was also a strange one. She is crazy overbearing and pesters Emma into admitting Emma and Galen are dating.

But here is the thing: they weren't. She's very, very strict, but just allows Emma to go anywhere with Galen. That didn't match up for me.

I would tell you why it makes zero sense, but it would spoil the entire book. Speaking of which, the plot twists are extremely predictable.

I knew how the book would end in the second chapter. There's no anticipation, no mystery. Just incredibly slow characters.

That is pathetic. I was really looking forward to this book and was excited to get approved for the galley, but another mermaid tale bites the dust.

More reviews and fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog. View all comments. Aug 01, Kat Kennedy rated it did not like it Shelves: kat-s-book-reviews , ya-pnr-maddness , just-plain-bad , too-painful-to-finish , books-that-deserve-painful-death , kat-s-rants , to-ya-or-not-to-ya.

Why did I stop reading? I kid you not. Not fear. Just fury. The text is all about Emma. It felt cheap and dirty. I mean, first of all… gross from an imagery point of view.

Excuse me? Oh, I see. No way. Sorry, Galen. Galen stops. And the shark stops. Leave her alone! Leave us both alone! And a lot of this book is like this.

Part of me wants to take a red pen to it and just clean it up a bit. Even Gallen, when not with Emma, only thinks about Emma. Just stop it, okay?

View all 55 comments. Oct 24, Katya rated it did not like it Shelves: , fairy-tales , katya-s-mouth-runs-away-again , arc-galley , the-ya-project.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Note: A copy of this book was provided by the publishers via NetGalley.

Now that this is out of the way, onto the review. Okay, so here's the thing: I thought about not writing this review.

It felt like a lot of unnecessary effort, given how much has already been said about this type of books. Also, I realized that my writing this review will make me come off as some cruel hater bitch, as there are almost no negative reviews of this book on GR, and none of them seem to be articulated.

But these da Note: A copy of this book was provided by the publishers via NetGalley. But these days have been all about the debate on women's reproduction rights which shouldn't even BE a subject to debate and Russia still threatening to outlaw the word "gay", and I realized that sometimes silence is not the way out.

Of Poseidon is the story of Galen, a prince of the house of Triton, who acts as an ambassador of sorts between Syrena and humans.

He and his sister come to Florida looking for what appears to be a rougue Syrena, who has broken the law of non-fraternizing with humans, and find Emma - a seemingly human girl who just so happens to fight off and order away a shark.

As it turns out, Emma's powers are not only unusual for humans, but also for Syrena. In fact, hers is a gift that is believed to be extinct, and her having it means that she would have to mate Galen's older brother Grom.

Which is a problem since Galen has the "tingles" for her. Okay, first things first, this is a YA PNR book, which means that it rides directly on the wave of Twilight and its brethren.

Not all of the books in the genre are bad - in fact, Unearthly and Angelfall have proven that subversions of the genre can work, and going into this, I hoped that it would be one of those pleasant surprises.

Unfortunately, Of Poseidon sticks to the trends to an alarming degree and ends up reinforcing some of the worst traits of the genre.

What I didn't mention in the summary was that Emma's powers manifest themselves when a shark kills off her best friend, Chloe, who also happens to be black.

So not only is Emma deprived of a healthy, normal female influence in her life, the token character doesn't get to live to chapter ten.

And, here's the kicker, she's also not remembered once the romance gets on the way. And if it hasn't become morbidly obvious, this review is not a positive one.

Turn back now, it doesn't get better. Chloe was not the only female influence in Emma's life, but she is by far the most positive one.

The other three reoccurring female characters are her mom, who is made to look over-paranoid and slightly off-the-hook, Rayna, Galen's sister, who wins my sympathy in one minute, and then makes me wanna punch her in the next, and Rachel, Galen's "assistant" and ex mob member, who You may have noticed I did not mention the plot to this book - that's because it doesn't really develop past the basic premise.

There are hints about a bigger conflict, but a large chunk of it is the mermaids trying to figure what Emma is, since she neither knows of her special powers, nor can she grow a fin.

I would have been fine with a novel focusing more on internal conflict, grieving and acceptance, but no, that's not it either.

The closest we get to a conflict is Galen being hot-and-cold, presumably because he would betray his brother if he falls in love with his intended mate.

And here is where the shit really hits the fan. You see, Syrena are practical creatures who choose their mate based on their suitability.

Things such as consent or even acquaintence are curtain dressing, as exemplified as early as the first two chapters.

See, Rayna, Galen's sister, was mated to their friend Toraf without her knowledge, consent, or presence. She naturally outraged, especially since Toraf has known her from childhood and was made aware of her passionate desire never to mate.

Toraf going against her wishes and acting like she just plays hard to get could have provided enough conflict to carry the story forward I can do this Okay, first of all - this is not right.

Rayna said she never wanted to mate. She made it out like Toraf had betrayed her friendship and confidence What the actual fuck?

Sometimes this happens. I get that. And I would have accepted it if Rayna's character was developed, and her reasons made known. If she and Toraf had discussed this and given us a reasonable explanation for her change in attitudes.

But no. The problem is resolved off-screen, and the only thing we readers get from it is that when a woman says "no", she never means "no.

Because you know what, sometimes women really want to be friends. We don't want romantic entanglements. Sometimes we won't change our minds, and getting touchy-feely with us will not help your case.

And going to the king and getting married to us without even asking us or even having us there is a big no-no.

I can't believe I actually have to spell this out. And from that, you may imagine what the rest of the book is like. Galen and Emma's romance is hindered only by this idea that Emma belongs to his brother who doesn't even know she exists , and is resolved in a slap-dash way only for the book reach the end, and the obligatory cliffhanger which you probably would have seen from a mile off.

A note on Emma: She's feisty, but not in the way that makes you think she's a good character. She stands up to Galen, but only because she thinks he uses her as a means to an end - not because he's a creey jerk.

There is a moment late in the book where she laments on the fact that she has become that girl, who loves a guy who doesn't love her, and who treats her like a rag.

She does this after he follows her on her date, drags her away, and is in the process of driving them to an unknown locale.

But once he confesses his love to her, all is well in the world and he's forgiven. Gag me. View all 17 comments. Nov 28, Ariel rated it it was amazing.

I'm going to keep my review short, because I WILL be doing a video review of this series in my wrap up for MermaidMay, but here are some of the reasons this book was awesome: 1 A light-hearted sunshine good time: this book didn't try to become something deeper than it is, it's a jolly good time!

There ARE some darker moments, and they perfectly added intensity to the plot, but it never got bogged down - it remained a good time!

Sometimes mythologies can be too complex, too boring, and can drag a book down.. I was genuinely interested to learn all about it!

I really enjoyed all of the characters and grew to love them all in a different way. I really super duper recommend that you pick this up!

View all 11 comments. Feb 06, Nafiza rated it did not like it Shelves: source-net-galley , read This is going to be an incredibly difficult review to write for a multitude of reasons but especially because I hate giving a not so positive review to a debut author.

However, I cannot, in good conscience, let these things pass me by so if you are reading this, keep in mind that the following are my opinions and ones you may not necessarily agree with but nevertheless, they are opinions I have a right to express.

Of Poseidon promises a lighthearted story dabbling in the mythology of mermaids and This is going to be an incredibly difficult review to write for a multitude of reasons but especially because I hate giving a not so positive review to a debut author.

Of Poseidon promises a lighthearted story dabbling in the mythology of mermaids and some faint Greek myths that, superficially, has all the elements of an entertaining YA novel.

The dialogue exchange is rapid and there is a lot of wit and humour in the construction of the novel that is, ultimately, very readable.

However, there are some troublesome issues in this novel that, try as I might, I cannot overlook. Emma's best friend, Chloe, is black and she view spoiler [happens to be eaten by a shark hide spoiler ].

She's also a flirt and sabotages Emma's potential happiness before she view spoiler [was eaten by a shark hide spoiler ]. I don't see the purpose of the former as it has no consequence in the narrative and since I was left to draw my own conclusions on Chloe's actions, I drew them.

However, Chloe being black by itself would not have mattered as much to me had it not been for the fact that Banks keeps on reiterating Emma's porcelain colour.

Not once, not twice but many, many times. And I haven't been reading texts closely for the past few years without learning something about reading, ya know?

Why the emphasis on colour? Why is Chloe black? If you think I'm being too sensitive to the issue, please. You should be aware that any time a non-African American writer writes an African American character, she or he has to be supremely aware that they are writing from a position of privilege and that yes, colonization, neo-colonization, years and years of history of slavery, everything is right there, observing their seemingly innocuous characters.

The reiteration of colour may not have been intentional and in fact, I don't think it was but honestly? The emphasis of the porcelain skin tone on the main character who gets the happily ever after I'm assuming when juxtaposed with the view spoiler [dead hide spoiler ] black best friend speaks a lot.

To me, anyway. Now that I have spoken at length about the issue of colour, let me talk about how Of Poseidon does what Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick does: that is, both novels bring up murky issues in contemporary courtship particularly where the actions of the male love interest is concerned.

Galen's sister has no say in who she wants to marry. In fact, she is quite adamant about the fact that she doesn't want to marry anyone.

Does anyone listen to her? As another reviewer Katya, read her review, it's kinda awesome stated, Toraf's actions are justified by the assertion that Rayna is just playing hard to get.

Am I complaining too much? Okay, fine, you can think that. Let's move on to Galen. There are several instances in the story that I found the love interest to be a supreme douchebag.

He wasn't redeemed in any satisfactory manner and in fact, by the end of the novel, I was questioning Emma's sanity. I used to read a lot of romance novels.

Harlequin or rather the Australian version: Mills and Boons. In those books, there was this trope of the overpowering and supermasculine oil tycoons who were possessive, rich and took care of the hapless heroines who just melted to putty in the face of their physical looks and domineering manner.

I believe I've just described the actual romance in this novel. Apart from the oil tycoon part. Emma's opinions and outrage "amuses" Galen suggesting that her being offended or angry with Galen is not so much concerning as entertaining.

She stomps her foot so I guess I can't blame him for being amused. But the point is, I had the overwhelming feeling that Emma was treated more like a child to be mollified rather than an adult to be taken seriously and you guys, serious ire at these instances.

Not that Emma was such a wonderful character. Once and again, she goes on an internal monologue, listing the problems with her actions and with Galen's actions - for instance, Galen shows up on a date Emma is with a perfectly nice boy and makes "serial killer eyes," I'm not even lying, that is the exact term used and threatens to bodily harm the guy amongst other things if he doesn't realize that Emma belongs to him.

And Emma well realizes the stupidity of her actions even as she is going along with Galen but, again as the other reviewer Katya said, all it takes is for Galen to confess his love before she forgets everything she had been objecting to.

Excuse me while the feminist in me throws up. I wanted to like this novel. A lot. But I didn't. Though this novel may, superficially, hit the right spot, reading it closely and paying attention to the subtext brings up uncomfortable questions.

Do I recommend this to you? I can't say. As I said, the novel is readable but the lack of the plot, the characterizations and the other issues make me unable to tell you either way.

You may not be offended by the same things I am. Make up your own mind. View all 26 comments.

Sep 07, shady boots rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf , why-do-people-like-this-shit , stupid-girls , unoriginal , covergasm , get-that-thing-away-from-me , dont-understand-why-its-hyped , hot-mess.

This review is also available over at my blog. What bothered me right off the bat was the writing style.

I mean Just, WHY? Why do there have to be both styles? Why can't Galen's chapters be first person or Emma's be third?

And it's not lik This review is also available over at my blog. And it's not like Galen's chapters had anyone else's POVs but his.

It frustrated me to no end. And then of course the token black best friend who even has a weave dies about three chapters later.

Funny thing is, in the first chapter Emma was talking about Chloe's funeral. Jokingly, of course, because Chloe at the time was "embarrassing" Emma in front of the oh-so-hot Galen.

What a coincidence that Chloe actually does die a few chapters later. Emma is pathetic. She's a serial-blusher seriously, in pages she managed to blush about billion times and the epitome of a Mary Sue.

She can never stand up for herself, always needing Galen to save her and give her "tingles". Oh God, I haven't even started yet.

There's so much fail in this book, it's overwhelming. The mermaids are supposed to eat fish. Apparently if they don't, they're not mermaids.

Or, pardon me, Syrena , as this book calls them. Can you say Cannibalism? What kind of logic is that? The characters were all so cartoonish, they never felt like real people.

Rayna's this bitter feminist, Rachel's this happy-go-lucky aunt or whatever who calls people "babe" and "sweetie" and "darling" and all that crap, and Toraf is just this smirks-a-lot funnyman.

They were just so unrealistic that it was hard to take this book seriously. Galen's your usual arrogant, controlling bastard. He even told Emma to "obey" him because he's Royal.

And she didn't even seem to mind. The insta-love was painful. Ugh, I can't. I'm so mad again now. This book isn't the hilarious kind of bad, it's the kind of horrible that just makes you wanna pull all your fucking hair out.

This is probably the biggest disappointment of the year for me, cause I was so looking forward to this the first time I saw the cover.

Those fails I just mentioned are only half the ones in the book. Who knows what else fails lie beyond the something pages that I read?

I don't give a crap. I'm not staying around to see, thank you very much. View all 12 comments. Sep 07, Amelia, free market Puritan added it Shelves: point-of-view-girl , arcs , paranormal , alamw Sounds good, but I kind of wish view spoiler [the folks who write the synopsis for these books wouldn't broadcast the fact that there's going to be one of those "inexplicably attracted to" romances, where people are drawn to each other I'm getting a wee bit tired of paranormal romances where girls are attracted to guys for no reason other than the fact that they're "hot.

View all 13 comments. Jan 19, Giselle rated it liked it Shelves: own , arc. With a beautiful cover like this it's hard to resist not checking out what Of Poseidon is all about.

I haven't had the best of luck with mermaid books in the past, though I haven't read very many of them. Of Poseidon is, so far, one of the better ones I've had the experience of reading.

Poseidon ist der griechische Gott der Ausscheidung und Genitalien und genießt darum großen Respekt unter den anderen Göttern und. Der Kuss des Poseidon. Veröffentlicht vonsoundbites April 4, Veröffentliche einen Kommentar zu Der Kuss des Poseidon. ZEUS, HADES, POSEIDON Y DEMÉTER. kuss des poseidons. Postings müssen auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch sein. Aber zusammen haben sie eine besondere. Es gibt Poseidon wirklich! Comments that are hateful, inappropriate or pointless are not allowed. Poseidon hat mitgemacht obwohl er ein Kondom benutzt hat. Posts on local offences source crimes without national relevance will be removed. Ein bisschen hat noch niemandem geschadet! Zurück zu Stupidedia:Hilft! Continue reading Informationen. Darauf gehe ich jetzt aber Drexel Jung weiter ein, denn dieser Artikel ist eklig genug. Die Chemie zwischen Womanizer Kaufen einzelnen Charakteren hat einfach gestimmt und zusammen mit dem charmanten und witzigen, aber gleichzeitig auch spannenden Elementen in dem Buch hat sich für mich die perfekte Mischung ergeben. Emotionally invested?? View all comments. Sorry, Anna Banks, it takes a lot more than describing how utterly hot Galen is; he has to have a personality other than being a total jerk. I adore and love Galen insanely! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website read article function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

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Aber eins noch: Er hat mit Zeus und Hades den mächtigsten aller Menschen gezeugt. Emmas Fähigkeit mit den Fischen zu reden und sie Dinge tun zu lassen hat mich sehr fasziniert und sie ist mir positiv in Erinnerung geblieben. Es gibt Poseidon wirklich! Namensräume Seite Diskussion. Grund: Er hat sich bekannterweise lange mit Genitalien beschäftigt und so, nach jahrelanger Forschung stülpte einen Wasserballon auf einen Penis und erfand so eine sehr enge Latexsocke für Erwachsene auch Brian Howe als Sackjacke. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 1. Ein source Religion hat noch niemandem geschadet! Emmas Fähigkeit mit den Fischen zu reden und sie Dinge tun zu lassen hat mich sehr fasziniert und sie ist mir positiv in Erinnerung geblieben. Chuck Norris. Poseidon hat mitgemacht obwohl er ein benutzt hat. Zurück zu Stupidedia:Hilft! Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung von Stupidedia. Der Kuss des Poseidons Also lasse ich das lieber und stelle meine Einkaufsgewohnheiten um und muss dann eben noch mehr einkaufen und unter Menschen. Aber eins noch: Er hat thanks FremdgГ¤nger phrase Zeus und Hades den mächtigsten aller Menschen gezeugt Er war halt notgeil. Das zog sich wohl eine lange Weile hin.

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