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Steve glaubt an die Unschuld des Verdächtigen und besteigt das Schiff, um der Geiselnahme ein Ende zu setzen. 8, 8, Wo Rauch ist, Mana'o, 8. Nov. , 08 · Wo Rauch ist (Mana'o) · () · Mana'o · 9, 1. 09 · Die Schöne und das Biest (Po'ipu) · () · Po'ipu. Quinn Liu (Ua ʻeha Ka ʻili I Ka Maka O Ka Ihe). Staffel 10, Folge 1. (v.l.n.r.). Episodenguide der US-Serie Hawaii Five-0 mit der Übersicht alle Staffeln und Liste der Hawaii Five-0 Episoden Ko'olauloa (North Shore of O'ahu). Sendetermine, ganze Folgen, Episodenguide und Besetzung: Alles über das geht eine Spezialeinheit in Hawaii auf Verbrecherjagd: Alex O'Loughlin spielt.

Episoden Hawaii Five O

"Hawaii Five-0" ist der Name des Teams um den ehemaligen Marineoffizier Steve Original: Ua eha ka ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the. Hawaii Five-0 Episodenliste Pe'epe'e Kanaka; Najib Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie; Der fünfte Beatle O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First). Steve glaubt an die Unschuld des Verdächtigen und besteigt das Schiff, um der Geiselnahme ein Ende zu setzen. 8, 8, Wo Rauch ist, Mana'o, 8. Nov. , Episoden Hawaii Five O

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Also, Tani and Junior's friendship takes a meaningful new turn. Noelani Cunha's uncle dies mysteriously and she sets out to discover what really happened to honor his memory, and arrest his murderer.

Five-0 investigates when a rancher is murdered after he uncovers human skeletons on his property where legend says that Civil War-era gold coins were buried.

Also, Quinn's former stepdaughter, Olivia Siena Agudong , reaches out to her for help after her father doesn't come home. The team investigates a scheme to rob tourists; Tani helps Girard Hirsh prove the innocence of his elderly uncle when he's suspected of murder; Tani and Junior work on the nuances of being in a new relationship.

After Steve receives a posthumous letter from his mother that contains a cypher, Danny is attacked by someone willing to kill to steal it.

Also, Five-0 must help Lincoln Cole Lance Gross , an anonymous good Samaritan who's in the crosshairs of some very dangerous people.

Danny is abducted and badly wounded by Wo Fat's wife, who is after the cypher Steve's mother left him. Retrieved April 11, Retrieved April 22, Retrieved April 18, Retrieved April 26, Retrieved May 2, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved May 22, Retrieved May 16, Retrieved May 28, Hawaii Five-O and Hawaii Five Hidden categories: Articles with short description.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Season 7. Season 7 U. DVD cover. List of Hawaii Five-0 TV series episodes. Peter M.

This episode features a striking scene in the prologue : McGarrett visits the chapel within Tripler Army Medical Center and encounters an almost-ghostly appearing stranger with whom McGarrett strikes up conversation.

The stranger obliquely references having worked for the Hawaii police many years earlier and when Steve begins doubting himself gives advice to McGarrett not to give up.

The stranger deliberately resembles the original Steve McGarrett, Jack Lord , including the voice and is credited as Jack Lord in the episode's closing credits.

Following the events of "Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani? Alicia refuses to get involved, but is gradually roped in when Steve purposefully leaves the chess piece the killer left in his house.

Meanwhile, a man steals diamonds from renowned billionaire Lucky Morad Faran Tahir. The girl he used to smuggle the diamonds out of Morad's party is found dead the next morning.

Steve and Danny chase Langford and Steve manages to overpower him. Langford claims his going rogue was a cover, he didn't kill the girl, and he is tracking a contract bomber, El Hamadi, who bombed an embassy in Madrid in and is planning to use a cyber key known as the Greystone to plan a larger attack.

Steve and Danny join Langford on the case as they track down Morad at a high-class party, where Kono lures him out to the patio.

In a callback to the episode "Ohana", Steve hangs Morad by his ankles off the building until he talks. Steve and Danny go with Langford to Prague, and capture the contact, who under waterboarding torture, reveals what he knows.

Chin, Kono, and Grover call and report that nuclear power plants all across Europe have lost control and are going to implode. El Hamadi will cause a disaster ten times worse than Chernobyl.

At a nearby factory, Steve, Danny, and Langford kill the man coordinating the attack, but Langford sneaks away with the Greystone and travels to Pakistan to meet with El Hamadi, but Steve and Danny intercept him.

Langford reveals that his wife was killed in the Madrid bombing in and is seeking revenge.

Steve, Danny, and Langford coordinate a raid on the compound where El Hamadi is hiding, where they capture him. Langford struggles not to kill El Hamadi, who draws a concealed weapon, forcing Steve to shoot him.

Alicia awakens in her bed to find another body with a chess piece in his mouth beside her. Forced to accept she's now a part of the case, she officially joins Steve and Danny with the investigation.

Meanwhile, the team hunts for a cartel boss whose soldiers are gunning for him. Kono reconnects with Rosie, an old surfing rival whose legs were amputated after she drove over an IED in Iraq.

Alicia discovers that the detective who was investigating the three serial killers was actually murdered. At the end, Steve and Alicia visit the police psychologist, Dr.

Madison Gray Elisabeth Röhm , who Detective Lau was seeing before he was killed, and discover she has a book entitled History of Medieval Chess , implying that she's the serial killer.

The episode ends with Kono and Rosie going surfing together. Bronwen Hughes. Following their meeting with Dr. Gray, Alicia is convinced that she is the killer, but Steve is more wary.

Against his orders, Alicia breaks into Dr. Gray's house and finds a chessboard with pieces missing identical to the pieces found with the serial killers.

Steve arrives and is stabbed by Dr. Gray, who has already captured Alicia. While Steve drifts in and out of consciousness, Alicia and Dr.

Gray play mind games with one another, revealing that Alicia's daughter was pushed into a career in the FBI by her and was subsequently killed by a serial killer, and that Dr.

Gray's father sexually abused her as a child while forcing her to play chess. Eventually, Dr. Alicia's fear of drowning proves to be a challenge to overcome, but Steve manages to get them out safely.

Meanwhile, the rest of Five-0 begin searching for them, and Lou deduces that Dr. Gray is behind everything. Chin and Kono race to the outcrop and kill the martial killers.

Elsewhere, Jerry reports to Chin that a possible red flag may have come up with Sara's aunt and uncle, so Chin turns to Robert Coughlin Ingo Rademacher to run background.

Gray who then disappeared. She is later seen in disguise in Beverly Hills, California. The Five-0 task force investigate a bulletproof bulldozer that crashed into a gun range and stole all the inventory.

Later on, the suspect Brent Sexton instigates a hostage situation and demands to be put on the news to protest gun violence and it is up to McGarrett and Danny to talk him down.

It is revealed that the suspect's son was the perpetrator in a Virginia shooting that killed eight people.

Elsewhere, Adam is released from prison after spending a year and asks Kono's help to track down a fellow inmate's daughter to make up with him.

A psychic is apparently scared to death on Halloween, so Five-0 investigates. Danny and Eric discover that the psychic's claims ruined a lot of lives.

Max finds a second victim, revealed to be an accomplice to the killer, the psychic's assistant who killed the psychic and the accomplice.

The assistant was a young woman who ran away from home and inadvertently caused her father's death. She blamed her father's death on the psychic, so she plotted to kill her.

Max Masi Oka returns from Africa and reveals he married his girlfriend Sabrina. Meanwhile, Jerry babysits a grounded Grace and Charlie, which proves to be a challenge when Grace's sour attitude spoils Jerry and Charlie's anticipated trick-or-treating.

Eventually, Jerry gets through to Grace, who dresses up and enjoys her evening with her brother.

Elsewhere, Adam and Kono are kidnapped by a death cult, and are forced to escape with another victim through the woods to an abandoned house where they hold off the cult until HPD and Five-0 arrive.

Doris tells Steve about a lock box she had hidden in the house for Steve and Mary to look at for more background knowledge about her.

She tells him the combination is "" in order to open it. The number is the actual date of the premiere of the original TV series.

In an episode reminiscent of Die Hard , Danny chaperones Grace's Teilor Grubbs Winter Formal, which turns deadly when an al-Qaeda splinter group storms the event looking to capture one of Will's classmates named Jeremy Ramos Max Tepper , the son of a High Ranking Diplomat Clint Jung , in hopes of leveraging a trade for their captured leader.

Danny reluctantly must work with Will Chosen Jacobs , whom he has just learned is Grace's boyfriend, to save everyone.

Meanwhile, Steve hosts a poker game. A conspiracy theorist and a friend of Jerry's is murdered after having discovered new information about the assassination of John F.

Kennedy and the mystery behind it, that tells that JFK 's cabinet had planned the assassination. Five-0 soon discover that there were more people behind the assassination than first thought.

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Charlie hilft Danny, die Herkunft more info Mädchens zu klären. Um den Maulwurf zu enttarnen, erinnern sich Steve und Danny an ihren ersten gemeinsamen Fall. Die Episode "Der gigantische Kokon" ist die 1. Am Steuer sitzt eine Beamtin des Drogendezernats. Diese wurde nach Hawaii geschmuggelt und soll offenbar in Waikiki https://hartfloristry.co/serien-stream-to/asterix-und-die-wikinger-stream.php werden. Die Episode "He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hin" ist die

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Season 9. Season 9 DVD cover. List of Hawaii Five-0 TV series episodes. Note: This episode is a re-make of the original series pilot episode "Cocoon.

Eagle Egilsson. Five-0 investigates the disappearance of a vacationer and a U. Marshal who fled a plane mid-flight.

They soon discover that the vacationer is actually a Chinese sleeper agent who killed the U. Marshal in the process.

Agent Greer is revealed to be working with the Chinese spy's and Five-0 arrests her. During a heat wave, an arrested woman undergoing transport shoots two Honolulu Police Department HPD officers and a motorcyclist in cold blood.

Meanwhile, a black-out persuades Kamekona to price-gouge prices at his Shaved Ice stand. While at the grocery store, Jerry stops a robbery in progress to find out the suspect's wife is pregnant at home and in bad condition.

At the golf course, Grover beats his best score. August ultimately confesses to the murders, after his print is found on one of the stolen paintings and the murder weapon is recovered in a search of March's apartment.

August leads them to an abandoned factory where she is apparently being held, as an attempt to lead them away from recovering the girl, before August commits suicide by jumping in front of a truck.

The girl is later recovered alive in a long-stay parking lot. Meanwhile, Steve asks Catherine for assistance in tracking his mother.

She finds that Doris' plane never left Hawaii and that she is hiding somewhere on the island.

Meanwhile, the team tries to help Chin cope with the death of his wife. McGarrett and Danny are fishing in the ocean when they rescue a man Todd Stashwick lost at sea on a raft.

However, the man pulls out a gun and hijacks the boat while also stranding McGarrett and Danny at sea. The two find a yacht, and come across a dead body, shot by the same weapon used by the hijacker.

The yacht is also disabled. They are later arrested by the United States Coast Guard , but released soon after.

Back on land, the hijacker is identified as Gil Scates, a former security guard who was fired for inappropriate advances towards Kate Burgess Cynthia Watros , wife of Al Burgess, the victim on the yacht.

Five-0 realize that Scates believes he has gotten away with murder; Scates is found and arrested near his apartment. Upon interrogation, Five-0 learns that Kate wanted Scates to kill her husband so they could be together, and then she sabotaged the yacht, making him a patsy.

As the team move to arrest Kate, her sister-in-law Jenny Julie McNiven discovers what she did and kills her in revenge.

Christine Moore. Stephanie Sengupta. Professional polo player Billy Keats Robbie Amell is found decapitated by a garroting wire tied between two poles while he was playing.

It is further revealed that Jake was kidnapped ten years ago, but escaped before a ransom was paid. The kidnappers were convicted, but one of them, Randy Thorpe Jack Dimish was released.

However, Thorpe claims he was paid by an unknown party to plant a bomb in his car. A further investigation reveals Amanda Madsen, Keats' lover and Jake's mother, was the real target; although she survived the car bomb, she was later suffocated in hospital.

Reviewing camera footage reveals that Jake killed his mother, because of the affair, and she was against paying the ransom ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Doris reunites with McGarrett. Doris claims the reason why she shot at the floor was due to a struggle between her and Wo Fat, however McGarrett reveals to Danny that he does not believe her.

Doris meanwhile, secretly recovers a microfiche from a cavity under McGarrett's home. On Halloween night, Five-0 investigates a road accident where the drivers of both vehicles are missing.

One of the drivers, Lisa Heller, is later found murdered, having died as a ritualistic sacrifice, most likely by the other driver.

The team learn that Lisa Heller was at a party in a condemned house, and find the killer took another victim, Lucas Hayes Jordan Matlock , to murder him in a similar ritual by the following night.

Lucas however escapes captivity and calls the police before Helen non-fatally stabs him. Five-0 storms the house and realize Seth is gone with Lucas.

Helen misleads the team before killing herself by shooting herself with a pistol while also killing the HPD guard escorting her but Five-0 realizes Seth has gone to a beach to perform another killing.

McGarrett and Danny arrive, killing Seth right before he could complete the ritual. The team investigate an explosion where they find traces of acetone peroxide , which are used by Middle Eastern terrorists, indicating a terrorist cell is active in Hawaii.

A discovery of a terrorist hideout leads Five-0 to a planned attack at a military base where the Secretary of Defense is speaking at an event.

Five-0 and HPD manage to secure the area, locate and disarm the bomb, but the terrorist responsible has escaped.

Danny ultimately finds the man and shoots him, but finds the terrorist was strapped with a bomb with a proximity center, and Danny has to stay still or the vest would explode.

As the bomb squad works to defuse the device, McGarrett distracts Danny from his anxiety by asking him to tell the story of how he escaped death in New Jersey.

Danny recalls the incident on September 11, , before the attacks, when he and his then partner Sydney Tamiia Poitier , are captured by gang members T.

The gang members kill his partner before Danny could escape and kill all three members responsible. At the time Danny's wife was pregnant, and it's implied Danny named their daughter after his partner: Grace Tilwell.

Zach Slater Matt Bush , a teenage boy and expert computer hacker, is released from juvenile hall but is abducted shortly after and later found dead.

Five-0 realize he had files in his hard drive, which was what the killers were after. After Kono discovers Zach's password in his room, the killers, led by South African mercenary Sean Winston Carlo Rota , storm the house and hold everybody hostage.

Kono agrees to give them the password if they release the hostages. Five-0 supply them a truck, which the mercenaries take with Kono.

However it is a trap set up by the team, who overpower the mercenaries in the process. Meanwhile, Mary Ann Taryn Manning returns for a visit, now a caregiver with her patient, Morty Sapperstein Shelley Berman , in tow but is unrelenting in not wanting to see her mother.

Her companion however convinces her to see Doris, reciting his story when his estranged daughter was killed years before.

Following the murder of Aiden O'Connell in a sugar cane field in Maui , McGarrett is convinced that Olivia Victor Vanessa Marcil , Aiden's psychologist, is responsible, but her initial arrest is overturned due to lack of evidence.

Although the rest of Five-0 are initially skeptical of McGarrett's suspicions, they find that Aiden hired a Private Investigator , also found murdered, who found that Victor run a prostitution ring in her own office.

Five-0 are able to find Victor at the airport and arrest her. They learn that one of her assassination targets, "Mangosta", is still alive and seeking revenge in Hawaii.

However instead Doris captures Mangosta and tortures him for information on who else knows she is alive, before Catherine stops her.

Gwyneth Horder-Payton. Five-0 investigate a bank robbery where two people are shot, with one of those being a teller Rumer Willis Max, a witness, was going to ask out.

The other, Jim Rogers Lochlyn Munro , later dies in hospital after one of the robbers returns to silence him.

After identifying the leader, mob enforcer Martin Cordova C. Thomas Howell , the team realizes that Jim paid Cordova to rob the bank and attempt a kidnap so that he can die a hero in order to win the trust of his family.

Jim and Cordova are also dying from cancer. The team track him to a hospital, and Cordova kidnaps McGarrett, sends him to a remote area and goads McGarrett into killing him, not wishing to die from the cancer.

However, he is arrested instead when the rest of the team locate him. Meanwhile, Danny has to catch a stalker who sent a threatening letter to one of Victoria's Secret 's models.

The stalker is later identified as Denise Pope Z. Zoccolante , and Danny kills her before she could murder her target.

Eric Laneuville. McGarrett and Danny accompany Grace's Aloha Girl Scout troop on a camping trip but stumble upon an injured hiker Ron Alberts Tom Arnold , who shoots Danny and locks him and the girls in a bunker as he takes McGarrett and one of the girls hostage to find something he lost in the jungle; a bag of diamonds he dumped from a plane which crashed.

Danny and the scouts manage to escape and call for help. Hines kills Ron, but is soon himself shot to death by Danny, who followed McGarrett's trail with the scout leader.

Meanwhile, Kono meets Adam Noshimuri's brother, Michael Daniel Henney , recently released from prison after serving 10 years for manslaughter, who is less than thrilled with Adam's plans of transforming the Yakuza.

In the end of the episode, Michael is revealed to have used Kono's gun while she is sleeping. Christmas time in Hawaii finds McGarrett and Catherine helping teenager Ethan Awana Tristan Lake Leabu find his missing father, after blood is found in the general store he owns.

It is later revealed the blood does not belong to the father, but a shooter he was defending himself from. It is later revealed that Ethan's father was unknowingly helping a member of a gang that robbed a bank in Chicago some time ago, whose colleagues are now after his cut.

Bruce's captor falls in the basement during an altercation and Five-0 arrests him. A university chemistry professor is found dead in an acid bath.

Danny is saddled with looking over his nephew Eric Andrew Lawrence , who has recently arrived on the island, who later ends up assisting Five-0 in the case.

The team have a suspect range of people who have access to the labs and equipment. Five-0 later discover that the professor missed lectures in order to pursue other projects, namely bringing back an extinct plant which can hold the key to curing a disease, which the son the professor's partner Jeff Fahey has.

The killer whose identity was voted for by fans during the show and differed based on time zone later attempts to murder Doctor Stevens in his camp, but McGarrett and Chin shoot him first.

Meanwhile, Kono is placed in charge of guarding Sang Min, who has returned to Hawaii to testify in a federal case.

Sang Min escapes custody to see his family. Kono arranges to have Sang Min transferred back to Halawa prison to be close to them.

In the end of the episode, Eric wants to work in the crime lab. Chin is drugged and abducted, later waking up behind bars at the Halawa Correctional Facility.

He asks a guard for assistance, only to find out he is in on the conspiracy, and taken to corrupt and imprisoned detective Kaleo Jason Scott Lee.

Sang Min intervenes to help Chin, and both decide to attempt an escape. However their plans is hampered when Kaleo starts a prison riot.

Later, Chin is discovered, captured and taken back to Kaleo. In the meantime, Five-0, at first believing he is taking time off to cope with Malia's death, become suspicious when he misses his appointment with a psychiatrist.

They later make it to Halawa, and use Kamekona's helicopter to storm it and disperse the rioters. Before they are able to rescue him, Chin kills Kaleo.

Sang Min however, takes the opportunity to escape by posing as a guard. Kono contemplates snooping into Adam's Yakuza affairs, and eventually manages to clone his cell phone.

At the request of Governor Denning, Five-0 discreetly investigate the murder of a prostitute. However, the team later find that Denning is attempting to impede the investigation.

McGarrett confronts the Governor, who reveals that the prostitute may have slept with Chris Freed Wiley Pickett , a Congressman running to become a Senator.

Freed is currently missing at a point that will make his political career. At first suspecting him of the murder, the team later realize that Freed has been kidnapped by Wo Fat, who is forcing him to sign a document.

Freed manages to escape, and is rescued by Five However, McGarrett is forced to abandon Wo Fat.

Meanwhile, Danny attends a custody hearing in court regarding Grace. At one point, McGarrett speaks in defense of Danny, even though it is unorthodox.

The Judge eventually rules in Danny's favor; he is to get shared custody of Grace. Police officer Ben Keoki, a friend of McGarrett's father, is assassinated and a shell casing with his name engraved on it is left behind at the scene.

Five-0 trace the rifle, which has been sold to a small-time criminal. McGarrett is forced to kill the criminal, with no information on who sold him the rifle.

During the raid however, another officer, Troy Ookala, is assassinated; Ookala was another of McGarrett's father's friends.

The assassin Peter Weller then lures McGarrett to a gun shop. The assassin misses, and he and Danny chase him, ending on the assassin's car landing in the ocean, but he escapes.

When McGarrett spots a prosthetic hand left over, he realizes that the man they are after is Curt Stoner; he was arrested twenty years ago for armed robbery by the same officers he is targeting; his hands were blown away during his arrest, and he is now seeking to avenge himself by killing those responsible.

Stoner then attempts to kill Duke Lukela Dennis Chun , but is saved. Five-0 find Stoner's apartment, where Stoner attempts to kill Steve in revenge for John's involvement as John was the one who shot the caps that ultimately cost Stoner his hands.

During the gunfight, Stoner tries to shoot Steve, only for Kono to fatally shoot Stoner, ending the crisis once and for all.

Later, at the crime scene, Steve has a visit from his dead father thanking Steve. Kamekona's cousin is found shot to death in the trunk of a car.

Danny and McGarrett follow Kamekona, who they believe is trying to avenge the man he thinks is responsible, although it is later revealed that Kamekona's target was not involved in the murder.

Video evidence shows the victim being kidnapped beforehand, and between his kidnap and murder he unwillingly competed in an underground fight-club, and was injured to a point where he would not survive anyway, by mixed martial artist Ramsey Pollack Keith Jardine , wanted in connection to similar murders.

His daughter Maggie Hoapili Summer Glau reveals that he was a master at Kapu Kuialua , a martial art, and she too practices.

Maggie is later kidnapped also to compete. Five-0 eventually locate the fight club and rescue her before she can be killed by the man running it.

Meanwhile, McGarrett hires Mick Logan Treat Williams , a private investigator to keep tabs on his mother's whereabouts, which eventually leads the two to start a relationship after Doris knows he was hired by her son.

As the island prepares itself for the Pro Bowl , an executive from a California technology company is found dead after a tactical ops team building exercise.

The killer was not part of the team. Max finds the victim was sedated the night before, and the team trace it back to a bar, where a bar man reveals that he and a female accomplice, "Holly" Rebekah Steen , marked the victim to steal his money.

Five-0 track to her to a hotel, where it is discovered that she is assisted by running back Arian Foster from one of her other accomplices, Timothy Cross Matt Bushell , who matches the build of the killer.

Cross reveals he was hired to steal the data from the victim's laptop which contains a potential invention to a new piece of software.

Holly has the laptop to sell it to the victim's boss Pat Monahan , who orchestrated the murder. Five-0 arrest him before he could kill Holly.

While apprehending his latest fugitive, Dog the Bounty Hunter is witness to a woman falling off a balcony to her death.

Max finds evidence that she was drugged a few hours before her death. Five-0 also discovers that the victim lead a double life as a roller derby player.

Unable to get any useful information about the victim from her teammates, McGarrett orders Catherine to go undercover as the team's jammer.

Catherine finds that one of her teammates wanted the victim dead, and hacks into the coach's computer to get a roster.

In addition, the team find that the coach was responsible for drugging the victim, and realize he did so to the other players on separate occasions to make them appear in pornographic films.

Catherine manages to wound the coach before he could kill another player who he thought was responsible for the hack.

Meanwhile, a masked man steals a safe from Doris. She eventually admits to McGarrett that the safe contains a microfiche with all her CIA assignments unredacted, and that "Mangosta" is involved.

The team investigate the latest of a series of arson and bombing attacks to Oahu Shark Tours, and later discover the owner's brother dead in a submerged shark cage.

Five-0 first suspects the Kapu to be involved, only to find Kawika's Kala Alexander home on fire. Kawika assures McGarrett that he was not involved in the attacks, but another member admits to beating the victim for bringing the sharks closer to the shore, but did not kill him.

The owner of the company admits to setting Kawika's house believing that they were involved in his brother's murder.

Eventually, Five-0 discover that the shark tours were targeted because some of the employees discovered a drum of MDMA tablets owned by a drug cartel.

While putting a stop to the cartel at the docks, the cartel leader has Five-0 captured, save for Kono, who manages to drop a cargo container on the leader before Five-0 arrest the remainder of the group while it's soon revealed that the MDMA tablets are worthless.

Meanwhile, Kamekona passes his helicopter pilot's licence. However, Freddie is mortally wounded in the process. In the present, McGarrett and Catherine enter the Korean Demilitarized Zone to bring his body back to the US, however the body they found is not Freddie's Freddie had a tattoo of his wife's name, the body did not.

The couple sneak into North Korea to find the real body. McGarrett captures a militia man and find the body. On finding the body desecrated, McGarrett decides to enact revenge on Ji-Woon.

Both are captured, but they manage to free themselves, and kill Ji-Woon. McGarrett and Catherine later return to the U.

Five-0's case of a mutilated corpse is overshadowed by Savannah Walker Aisha Tyler , a daytime talk show host who is profiling the unit on her series.

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'Hawaii Five-O' 2.0 Retrieved March 14, Download as PDF Printable version. Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved November 15, The team find the father's location and rescue him, as Jesse helps win the game. The team later identify the kidnapper, Helen Cantera, who shoots herself rather than allow herself to Tv-Kino arrested and reveal Ella's location. In the meantime, McGarrett learns from former Navy colleague Billy Harrington Justin Bruening offered Catherine a job at his private security firm, as she is considering leaving the Navy. The Please click for source task force investigates a murder of a private investigator who was getting close to solving a year-old cold kidnapping case. After arriving click at this page his article source, the two are ambushed and Ian is kidnapped.

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Originaltitel: Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt Erstausstrahlung: Pa Make Loa Touch of Death. Ina Paha. Five-0 muss feststellen, dass er verdeckt in ein Kartell eingeschleust wurde, das offenbar im Drogengeschäft tätig ist. Originaltitel: E malama pono Erstausstrahlung: Archived from the original on October 19, Click the following article November 11, link Parents Guide. Hawaii Aloha Travel. Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead https://hartfloristry.co/indische-filme-stream-deutsch/arsenal-film.php links from March Articles with permanently dead external links Good articles Articles with short description Official website not in Wikidata. Hawaii Five-O and Hawaii Five Rtl2 Now Kostenlos October 1, Retrieved April 17, While Source is attending a Halloween party, a police officer shoots a crazed doctor Michael Besner who later infects Max. The four trace it back to a doctor who is selling oxycodone for cash.

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Originaltitel: Loa'a pono ka 'iole i ka punana Erstausstrahlung: Ein Tunnel stürzt ein und begräbt mehrere Menschen unter sich. Das Team versucht herauszufinden, woran der Wissenschaftler gearbeitet hat. Five-0 muss in diesem Fall mehreren Spuren nachgehen, so soll der Unternehmer von der https://hartfloristry.co/filme-stream-seiten/die-heartbreakers.php Mafia erpresst worden sein und auch eine Motorradgang gerät Tail Englisch Fairy Visier. Das Team muss ihn go here abhalten, Rache zu üben. Mit Hilfe einer Think, Suche Guten Film nice und Hypnose kann sich ein Jähriger daran erinnern, wie er zehn Jahre zuvor Zeuge wurde, wie eine Leiche im Wald verscharrt wurde. Episode der here. Der Tipp mit dem Waffendeal scheint eine Falle gewesen Castings 2019 sein, mit der Five-0 eliminiert werden sollte. Hier findest du die letzten Folgen der Serie und die nächsten Fälle des "Hawaii Five-0"-Teams. Der Hawaii Five-0 Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von Hawaii Five-0 in der Übersicht. E ho'i na keiki oki uaua o na pali. Originaltitel: E​. Hawaii Five-0 Episodenliste Pe'epe'e Kanaka; Najib Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie; Der fünfte Beatle O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First). Weil Kono (Grace Park) und Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) fortan ihre eigene Task Force auf dem Festland leiten, versuchen McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) und Danny . "Hawaii Five-0" ist der Name des Teams um den ehemaligen Marineoffizier Steve Original: Ua eha ka ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin has been hurt by the. Die Episode "Ohne Deckung" ist die Die Polizei jagt einen Check this out, bis sich dessen Auto überschlägt und er stirbt. Die Episode "Nach eigenen Regeln" ist die 6. Five-0 findet heraus, dass das Haus präpariert war und sich anscheinend jemand an ihr rächen wollte. Beim Versuch, diese read more einem Waldgebiet zu entsorgen, werden sie erwischt source müssen mit Five-0 kooperieren. Ka Haunaele. Ike Maka Identity. Auf die Plätze, fertig, Mord! Lehu a Lehu. In einem Rettungshubschrauber wird der Verletzte gewalttätig, ermordet zwei Sanitäter, zwingt Walking Dead Staffel 5 Piloten zur Landung, tötet auch diesen und flüchtet. Das nutzt der Serienmörder, um Chin Ho in seine Gewalt zu bringen. E uhi ana ka wa i hala click na mea i hala. Dahinter stecken politische Machtspiele und ein gefährlicher Feind. Erst als Max die Autopsie durchführt, findet https://hartfloristry.co/serien-stream-to/cobra-kai-season-2.php heraus, dass die Person vor Stars Im Spiegel Gewinner eine Schönheitsoperation hatte. Die Episode "Der Parkplatzwächter" ist die Roy Parrish, gerade zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt, flieht und bringt Steve und Danny in seine Gewalt. Er schwört, dass er mit dem Tod seiner Frau nichts zu tun habe, kann es jedoch nicht beweisen. Von der ersten Https://hartfloristry.co/indische-filme-stream-deutsch/orphan-2-trailer-german.php an hält Steve eine Zain Al Rafeea Psychotherapeutin für die Mörderin im aktuellen Fall, read more sein Team ist vom Gegenteil überzeugt. Die Schöne und das See more. Ausgegraben Na Keiki A Kalaihaohia. Schuldig oder nicht? Zur gleichen Zeit unterstützen Tani und Adam Koa bei der Suche nach einer verschwundenen Article source, die erst kurze Zeit zuvor aus einer Https://hartfloristry.co/indische-filme-stream-deutsch/cars-3-stream-movie4k.php entlassen wurde. Vendetta Ua Hala. Die Episode "He waha kou o ka he'e" ist die Ärger im Gepäck.

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