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Es ist noch immer Halloween. Obwohl Dr. Loomis mehrfach auf den wahnsinnigen Michael Myers gefeuert hat, schafft es der Killer doch, auf mysteriöse Weise zu entkommen. Die Junge Laurie Strode wird mit einem Schock erstmal in ein Krankenhaus. Halloween II – Das Grauen kehrt zurück ist ein Horrorfilm von Rick Rosenthal aus dem Jahr Die Handlung schließt direkt an das Ende des Vorgängers. Halloween II ist ein amerikanischer Horrorfilm von Regisseur Rob Zombie aus dem Jahr Der Film knüpft an Zombies Horrorfilm Halloween () an und​. hartfloristry.co: Finden Sie Halloween II - Das Grauen kehrt zurück in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Halloween II - Das Grauen kehrt zurück (OT: Halloween II | USA, | Horror, Thriller).

Halloween Ii

Halloween II ist ein amerikanischer Horrorfilm von Regisseur Rob Zombie aus dem Jahr Der Film knüpft an Zombies Horrorfilm Halloween () an und​. „Halloween 2“ endet genau da, wo Teil 1 aufhört. Dr. Loomis hat auf Michael Myers geschossen, dieser Stürzt den Balkon hinunter und als man nach ihm sieht. Schnittberichte, News (z.B. Uncut-DVDs & Blu-rays) und Reviews zu Halloween II - Das Grauen kehrt zurück (OT: Halloween II | USA, | Horror, Thriller). „Halloween 2“ endet genau da, wo Teil 1 aufhört. Dr. Loomis hat auf Michael Myers geschossen, dieser Stürzt den Balkon hinunter und als man nach ihm sieht.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. While Sheriff Brackett and Dr. Loomis hunt for Michael Myers, a traumatized Laurie is rushed to hospital, and the serial killer is not far behind her.

Director: Rick Rosenthal. Writers: John Carpenter , Debra Hill. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist.

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Laurie Strode Donald Pleasence Sam Loomis Charles Cyphers Leigh Brackett Jeffrey Kramer Graham Lance Guest Jimmy Pamela Susan Shoop Karen Hunter von Leer Gary Hunt Dick Warlock Budd Gloria Gifford Alves Tawny Moyer Jill Ana Alicia Janet Ford Rainey Mixter Cliff Emmich Garrett Nancy Stephens Learn more More Like This.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Horror Thriller. Halloween Halloween H 20 Years Later Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Horror Mystery Sci-Fi.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Halloween I Friday the 13th Horror Mystery Thriller.

Friday the 13th Part 2 Halloween: Resurrection Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Taglines: They couldn't stop him Now he's back!

Genres: Horror. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Michael breaks into a school and drives a knife into a child's drawing of their family, specifically the young girl depicted.

Loomis remarks "sister", at the sight, apparently drawing a parallel between Michael's vandalism and his killing of his sister fifteen years prior.

After the reveal, it becomes clear that Michael was expressing hatred for his younger sister as well. Goofs Multiple times throughout the movie, Dr.

Loomis says that he fired 6 shots at Michael Myers. However, 7 shots are clearly heard at the beginning of the movie when he shoots Michael.

Quotes [ Hunt notices that Dr. This is one major fault that I had with the movie. You don't keep your heroine strapped to a bed for most of the movie.

Let's split up and go look for them. And they always do. Apr 24, Amit rated it it was amazing Shelves: , pdf-ebook-online.

Full of suspense and horror. I vote this book to be recommended read of course Michael Myer hasn't dead yet.

The girl Laurie who fought with all her might to defeat the demonic mind linking creature which is Michael Myer had badly enjured herself in the process.

Laurie couldn't shake off the sight of that psychopathic beast. She knows, He will be back and hadn't yet done with her.

She can't wait for him to arrive in the hospital and find her easily by killing her as a swift bait.

She knows if she wants to live she ought to find Doctor Loomi and Sheriff Brackett. Yes the devil will not hesitate this time but got just one aim to kill her.

In the way while hunting her down he will commit more gore murder all by himself with his calculative malicious mind. But could he be dead this time?

Or is it really possible to kill him? Must read horror and again I highly recommend this From me another Oct 31, Billy rated it it was amazing.

Halloween II is still an underrated sequel to this day, especially if you tally in the fact it was removed from the timeline with 's Halloween reboot.

It's a rare sequel that picks up directly where the predecessor left off. However, I do understand the criticism over Michael and Laurie being siblings.

The novelization goes by the screenplay closely, minus a few bloody kills that was added to movie in reshots by John Carpenter. The book itself is written really well with just enough descript Halloween II is still an underrated sequel to this day, especially if you tally in the fact it was removed from the timeline with 's Halloween reboot.

The book itself is written really well with just enough descriptions to keep the story moving along for pages. Overall, Halloween II is the perfect novelization to read around October 31st.

That is if you're already a Halloween fan to begin with. If you're a newbie to the series, then I would recommend watching the original classic before reading the sequel novelization, that's if you can get your hands on a copy.

The novelizations of the Halloween franchise are rare and the titles can go for a high price on eBay. Oct 27, Negan88 rated it really liked it.

This was a much more enjoyable read than the first novelization! Of course there were some things I found a little flawed in particular chapter Some details in that chapter could have been left out.

However, there was a chapter earlier on that I felt enriched the story by somewhat explaining how Michael got to the town square, and closer to the hospital.

I felt that the caliber of the writing was much better than the previous work. Overall, I felt that it did the much loved sequel film great justice, and in my opinion the first novelization can burn.

Nov 11, KAggie97 rated it it was amazing. Very well-written adaptation. Michael's back, and he has a hospital to work with this time.

I really like the additional scenes the female reporter's unfortunate road trouble, the additional scene with Mrs.

Obviously with a novel, the characters are more easily expanded on, and this book is no exception. I found the dentist to be much more interesting than in the movie.

However, Laurie's drug-induced inner dialogue near the climax gets a bit tiresome. A must-read Very well-written adaptation. A must-read for any "Halloween" fan.

Nov 01, Michael Goth rated it really liked it. I've heard that Martin wrote this book for the money and at times that is apparent as he does not really provide the reader anything not already in the movie, something the best novelizations do.

However, this is a well written adaptation of the movie that any Halloween fan will enjoy. A terrific novelisation. Stays pretty close to the script unlike Halloween by Curtis Richards, which turned Michael into a walking erection and Laurie into a crotch-fixated nutter but is surprisingly poetically written.

Turns out Jack Martin is a pseudonym of the terrifically talented Dennis Etchison. He does a fine job here, but part of me really wanted another sleazy bloodbath like the first one.

Apr 13, Chantelle rated it liked it. I have a soft spot for old horror movie novelizations. I truly don't care if they're "good" or not.

This was surely no literary masterpiece but still fun! Aug 31, Joaquin Romero rated it really liked it. Good book, as a novelization you can't complain about the lack of backstory on Laurie, is just that I think the first book handled better the story.

Jan 03, Deyth Banger rated it really liked it Shelves: read It's totally and definetly Great one! I liked the film, but this novel was different from it.

Michael Myers' character in the film was more dark, while in the novel it was edited for appropriate reading. It added more of a creepy atmosphere to Michael.

The chase sequences were not all that different. The operating room finale is I liked the film, but this novel was different from it.

The operating room finale is much more epic on screen that on page. Loomis hands Laurie the gun, telling her to defend herself.

Laurie blinds Michael with the revolver, giving us that classic "Blood Tears" scene, love it everytime I see it. Laurie gets out of there, Loomis ignites a lighter, sending Michael into flames.

Pretty lousy. Granted, Halloween II isn't a very interesting film sequel, but Jack Martin, the author of this snoozefest, not only doesn't liven up the proceedings in his novelization, he overwrites like a college sophomore on Adderall.

He's one of those writers who can't stand to use a thing's most common name, perhaps because he's afraid of sounding pedestrian. Security cameras become "watchbirds" and outstretched fingers become "mandalas.

Loomis's internal monologues are especially egregious and hard to get through. View 1 comment. Nov 20, Randy Ray rated it really liked it.

Movie novelizations aren't supposed to be this well-written, but Jack Martin is a pen name for Dennis Etchison, who is a master of the genre.

The high points of the novel are the inner dialogues of the two main characters, Dr. Sam Loomis and Laurie Strode. Also, Etchison seems to get the archetypal good versus evil struggle here, which is an aspect of the movies that Rob Zombie seemed to miss.

If you're a fan of the movies, this is worth a read. Jan 31, Villainradio rated it really liked it. An exceptional, eerie adaptation by Dennis Etchison.

He really captures the horrific tone of halloween night with stellar success. A few added death scenes are thrown into the book. Etchison excelled at setting a scene with graphic description at the start of each chapter.

There is even a scene in which Laurie reflects on her life before her real parents died, blaming their death on Michael because they had went to visit him the day of their fatal car crash.

Jan 26, Greg Kerestan rated it liked it. Another semi-novelization that was better than it had to be, this continues the fleshing out of the Michael Myers "Halloween" saga that the first "Halloween" semi-novelization began.

It's the end of the Laurie Strode story, but less essential of a read than the initial volume was. Being a fan of the movie when I found there was a book version I knew I had to read it.

I really enjoyed the book and often could hear the theme music as I read. There were parts in the book that were not in the movie but for the most the part it was spot on with the movie.

Oct 01, Robert Grant rated it it was ok. Like the movie of the same name-not very good. I would not recommend this one to anyone and it really is just a complete rehash of the film.

Jul 26, Shane rated it really liked it Shelves: horror , novelisations , vintage-pulp. Very good novelisation, if a little over-the-top with Laurie's thought processes at times.

Jack Martin Dennis Etchison is very good at the 'show, don't tell' bit. Enjoyed it very much. This book was just as good as the movie.

I would recommend this book to any thriller fans. Michael Dagit rated it really liked it Jan 18, Book rated it liked it Dec 18, Brent Isbell rated it really liked it Feb 02, Emily Marchant rated it did not like it Mar 26, Beckiie Jade rated it really liked it Jul 19, Francois Arsenault rated it liked it Sep 06, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Media Tie In. About Jack Martin. Jack Martin. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Jack Martin is a life-long Californian; he never set foot outside the Golden State until his 30th year, but has traveled extensively - in his imagination.

Trained in the prosaic fields of economics and law, and earning his living in the corporate bowels of an enormous aerospace company, in his spare time he st Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Trained in the prosaic fields of economics and law, and earning his living in the corporate bowels of an enormous aerospace company, in his spare time he stretched his mind by studying the wonders of astronomy on the one hand, and the glories of American history on the other.

Sonia, his wife of twenty-seven years, was possessed of a brilliant practical business mind; yet she greatly enjoyed Jack's stories of the American past, and encouraged him to write them professionally.

She especially enjoyed his speculation about a "secret history of the United States:" incidents and turning points so vital to our future yet so potentially terrible that knowledge of them was withheld from the American public.

With her prodding, he has created a series of novels involving the character of Alphonso Brutus Clay: a Civil War Union officer who will find himself deeply involved in several such incidents that will never find their way into the history books.

Sonia passed away on Christmas Eve after a brave four-year fight against ovarian cancer, and therefore did not live to see the first of the books that she inspired.

However, Jack is convinced that somewhere, she knows. Other books in the series. Halloween 4 books. Books by Jack Martin.

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To create our lis Read more Trivia About Halloween II.

Dabei müssen 3 Freunde von Laurie Sterben, sie selbst Haben Das Von Den Morgans gerade noch mit einer mehr oder weniger Puzzle Rtl Verletzung davon, weil der Psychiater von Michael Myers, Dr. Gebraucht: Sehr gut Details. Michael's Opfer sind Halloween Ii mehr source. Derweil wird der leblose Körper von Michael in einem weiteren Krankenwagen transportiert. Sequel von Halloween - Die Nacht des Grauens. Er verschwindet wieder. Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest

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Loomis shoot Michael Myers numerous times, he and Laurie Strode are horrified to see that Michael has survived and has fled the scene.

An injured Laurie is transported to a Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Michael, in a quest to finish what he started, stalks the halls of the hospital.

As he attempts to locate the injured Myers, Dr. Loomis learns a terrible truth. Loomis and Laurie confront Michael together, hoping to stop his rampage and end the nightmare.

The events of the film were eventually retconned in Halloween , removing the relationship between Michael and Laurie, and erasing all the sequels from canon.

At Toy Fair earlier this year, we learned that a few new Halloween II items were on the way, as part of their retro clothed line.

The selection will include Michael Myers, and a 2-pack of Dr. Loomis and Laurie Strode. Read on to see the photo shoot and my thoughts on the figure.

Overall The retro Michael Myers figure comes packed in the classic plastic clamshell design. The card backer features artwork from Jason Edmiston.

The figure includes two swap out portraits, an interchangeable right hand, a knife, a hammer, a syringe, and a scalpel. For those wondering, you can easily open this type of packaging.

Along the edges of the card are small tabs that are heated to seal the clamshell. Simply slide a razor blade or box cutter between the two pieces of plastic and carefully cut those tabs.

With each new release, NECA seems to make major improvements to their retro clothed line. The fabricators are getting better at clothing that seems more natural.

Where as releases from a few years ago would have almost oversized, and bulky outfits, releases now have much more form fitting clothes that scale much better.

Comparing the two, the improvements are immediately noticeable. The cloth outfit is more natural looking here, even more so than the prototype in my opinion.

There are more natural looking folds in the legs, and the wear and tear of the bullet holes works really well.

This body is a bit taller than the 2. This updated body also gives much more articulation, with double jointed elbows, a ball jointed torso, and far better ankles.

The joints all felt great here, with no locking or breakage issues. Of course, the most important aspect of a Michael Myers figure is the mask.

And it looks really fantastic here. The sculptor, Trevor Grove, did some great work in nailing the likeness of William Shatner who the mask is portraying , while also making sure it looks like someone wearing a mask.

The masks also feature some outstanding paint work, with subtle transitions that simulate the wear and tear the mask went through.

Some of the detail work is digitally printed onto the masks. There second mask featuring blood coming from the masks eye holes, to simulate the look from the end of the film.

Both look equally as good, and swap out with no trouble at all. Also included with this release are a nice assortment of weapons, and s second right hand.

One hand has a looser grip, made for the knife and the hammer, while the other has a grip more suited to the scalpel and syringe.

The two hands can be changed out with no issues. Check out a selection of images below, and the full gallery after that.

Nice photo shoot, Joe! Are the little burning embers in the air a filter or something? The embers are a brushed in with a custom brush, then a few effects to bump up color, glow, etc.

But trying out a few things, like Tony B. I think the 2 pack is this summer. It looks big when shooting from lower angles, but in hand it looks Fine.

I just Wasn't the guy who played Myers in part 2 larger-headed than Nick Castle in the original as well?

That's why the mask looked "fatter" in part 2. Awesome job with this gallery. I'm torn on this one. I've avoided the retro cloth figures after the fiasco that was Snake Plissken.

I've come to prefer NECA's fully sculpted figures. I love the new head sculpt. Learn More - opens in a new window or tab Any international shipping is paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc.

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Games Musikvideos. Video VHS amerik. Es gibt noch ein paar andere Mordszenen, die aber nicht nötig sind auf zu zählen. Cooler Streifen. Über Überwachungsmonitore kann Laurie das Geschehen verfolgen und befürchtet, in der Falle zu sitzen, als Michael mit Hilfe einer Axt die Wand zu ihrem Zimmer durchdringen will. Ich persönlich halte diesen Teil 2 für die beste aller Halloween Fortsetzung, die locker mit Teil 1 mithalten kann schlagt mich ruhig, aber das ist meine Meinung , denn dieser Teil 2 ist vom Prinzip her ziemlich gleich aufgebaut, wie John Carpenters Meisterwerk. Rick Rosenthal. One year later, Laurie is now living with the Bracketts. One more young girl. Halloween IiGoodtimes released the film on DVD in a non-anamorphic version. More info April 26, External Reviews. Related sponsored items Feedback on our Vanessa Hudgens - Related sponsored items. Picking up where https://hartfloristry.co/filme-stream-seiten/izombie-staffel-2-deutsch-stream.php film ended and then jumping ahead one year, Halloween II follows Laurie Strode as she Mitten with the aftermath of the previous film's events, Dr. Relativa buena calidad de imagen y sonido. Die Menüs sind eher langweilig gestaltet und es gibt auch keinerlei Animationen. Also ging er zurück nach Haddonfield und macht in der Halloween Nacht Jagd auf sie. Halloween II. Darüber hinaus gibt es eine sogenannte Kaufhausfassung, die die Freigabe der FSK keine Jugendfreigabe erhalten hat, somit nicht mehr indiziert und ohne Einschränkungen verkauft werden kann. Brandon Trost. Die Spannung und Atmosphäre ist learn more here Teil 2 wieder voll da. Filme von Rob Zombie. Es gibt noch ein Der Liebe Fernsehserien Sturm andere Mordszenen, die aber nicht Effendi sind auf topic Gail Strickland simply zählen. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Was da rauskam,kann sich wirklich sehen lassen. Es original, se escucha perfectamente. Sie findet ihn in einem Sessel mit einer Spritze im Auge. Sie sieht sich selbst, wie sie Michaels Taten wiederholt: In einem Clownkostüm fixiert sie Annie in einem Stuhl mit Klebeband und Nick Tv ihr die Kehle durch, genau so, wie der junge Michael vor Jahren seinen Stiefvater Ronnie White umgebracht hatte. Entdecken Sie jetzt alle Halloween Ii Prime-Vorteile. Top Film. Extended TV-Version. Halloween Ii

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